A Werewolf's Print
A Werewolf's Print
Author: 131subin



written by 131subin



This story is an A/O verse within a werewolf trope whereas humans have two genders: main or primary gender is the male/female, and the sub-gender or secondary gender is the alpha/omega (A/O). If you are not familiar with omegaverse, I suggest you look it up before you proceed on reading the story as the sub-gender traits might confuse you. The sub-gender plays vital roles and implications on all major characters in this book. (If you are familiar with omegaverse, you can skip this part and proceed with prologue.

Aside from the A/O sub-gender on humans, werewolves in this story also have the sub-gender in their human form. Since this sub-gender originated from wolf's hierarchy, you might also confuse the terms with the werewolves' hierarchy in this story.

But please do remember these:

Alpha/Omega on humans are sub-genders. Appearances, traits, and pheromones are different for each alpha and omega humans. These distinguishable factors tell whether they are either an alpha or omega. These are the only two sub-genders of humans here.

In werewolf hierarchy, there are alphas, betas, deltas, gammas, and omegas in this order of command. These tell more on the rank of the werewolves rather than gender. So, even if a werewolf falls under a rank of a gamma, s/he can still either be an alpha or omega sub-gender in their human form. 

Hope this helps especially to first timers reading an omegaverse. Please do not be intimidated by these information. You'll understand this more as you read the book! 

In addition, I only use the term 'werewolf' in this story but they are not the traditional lore that is 'cursed' or a 'beast'. They are more of shifters, like of lycans who can control their transformations from humans to wolves or vice versa. To put it simply, they are like the 'wolves' of Twilight with special gifts so I call them werewolves in this book. 

Thank you and enjoy reading!

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i'm really starting to love the omegaverse stories! it's super interesting!
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thank you for the info!

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