When Tyr entered the room, he accidentally caught Theo’s glare at Zane who was busy catching up with Keira. That’s when his nose twitched and noticed the unfamiliar wolf scent mixed in the human scents in the classroom. His steps slowed down while he scrutinized Theo’s side profile, gradually drawing suspicion on their human classmate.

‘Zane.’ Tyr called out in their link as he took a seat.

‘Yes? Did you receive a message from Zeev?’ Zane replied while listening to Keira.

‘Do you smell something strange? Or rather oddly familiar?’

Tyr saw Zane twitched his nose from the side before he heard his response. ‘A wolf scent? In this room?’

Zane looked around their room and figured out who could it be.

This gesture prompted Theo as he easily read Zane’s subtle action, but he remained calm and quiet.

‘A newborn.’

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