Mr. Helpful

Chapter 3:

She shouldn't have been disappointed.

But as she stared across the way at Randy's hurried movements, she couldn't help the heavy feeling in her heart.

It was common these days.

"Was that all you wanted from me, K?" Randy asked as he paused by the door with his bag on his shoulder. His brown eyes seemed to be looking through her. He'd promised his undivided attention today but fate seemed to have other plans. Apparently, it had turned into his rushed, almost one sided attention. With a glance at his text that had turned into an emergency meeting at his job. Especially pleaded for by Mr. Hanks.

Which meant he had to go to the lab as soon as possible.

She would be lying if she said she didn't feel...

Just overwhelming disappointment.

Kaitlyn reluctantly nodded, glancing at the catalog in front of her, barely flipped through. "Of course... I won't keep you. That was perfect! I'll follow up with the cottage you liked on Wednesday." She stated softly as she brought up the  conclusion he had decided on and she looked up into his suddenly bright face. His grin was cheery and he stepped back into the room to place a kiss on the top of her red head. She happily inhaled the familiar scent of his cologne, relishing in the few fleeting moments she had with him before he left. But her lips, they ached for a kiss too.

But it never came.

"Okay, awesome. Well, I'm going to get going then." He said, already pulling away. "I'll see you tonight for dinner, okay?"

"All right. See you then, I'll make your favorite." She whispered,  trying not to sound too disappointed that he wouldn't be home sooner. It was supposed to be his day off.

But if she sounded disappointed, Randy didn't seem to notice as he hurried out the door and called out, "Bye Jackson!" before he shut the front door after him with a slam.

The house seemed eerily quiet. And Kaitlyn absently played with her hair.

Jackson had only briefly waved his hand in Randy's direction, not bothering to take his eyes off the television screen in front of him. After all, the brunette was already long gone anyway.

It felt cold.

Kaitlyn cleared her throat and returned to her journal, making sure to make note of Randy's preferences in her neat and swirly script.

It was the same one Jackosn had devoted his attention to yesterday, for whatever reason. It had two years worth of notes, that was when she had caved and made one, realizing by the time they actually had a ceremony, she would have long forgotten either of their preferences.

The original date had just been a year after he had popped the question, but suddenly, it was too soon. So they had decided to wait until he had managed to produce some solid research with his firm. Which she had understood. All he had wanted was to make a name for himself, after all. She respected and even admired that.

But then that turned into waiting for his research papers, and then they just didn't have time, or he had more upcoming projects...

And then the journal was made, as if evidence of the passing time.

She wasn't sure where his enthusiasm had gone. When he had first popped the question, Randy had taken her by surprise. She hadn't dropped any hints, hadn't complained. She was happy for it to just be them.

But then, once he had landed his job after university, he had proposed to her in the middle of a restaurant, with roses and champagne, as the whole restaurant cheered.

It had been the happiest day of her life.

She couldn't remember how it felt anymore, the bitterness growing each time he shut her down since then.


She didn't know what she had done wrong. Was it really timing... was she just not good enough?

The thoughts ate at her. Not even realizing that she had set down her journal awhile ago, staring absently at the door.

She wanted Randy to walk back through.

But ironically, it was Jackson's voice that brought her out of her stupor.

"So, I've been thinking since yesterday... I don't think raspberry cake will be a huge hit with the crowd."

Kaitlyn blinked, turning to look at him as he stared at her, completely ignoring the program playing in the background. "You should do something more traditional like chocolate and vanilla. Probably not my place, but most people like one or the other. Gotta think of the crowd too, ya know."

She wasn't sure if she was more shocked that he had remembered one of the many things she jotted down, or if he always had the gal to just state his opinion whenever he pleased. "I don't remember asking for your opinion."

Jackson clicked his tongue, amused. "True, but I thought I'd help you out. Since, looking at your stuff, seems like you'll be spending your whole life savings on a simple wedding."

His words, as usual, annoyed her and injured the swell of her pride. But he looked devilishly handsome as he picked on her. His body clad in a black tank and crimson pajamas as he sprawled out.

She vaguely wondered if he knew that he was pretty, and probably could have had a girlfriend by now if he wasn't so annoying.

"As hilarious as you are," Kaitlyn started, chest puffed as she crossed her arms, "I'll have you know I've had years to save up for this wedding. Our finances are NOT an issue."

Their security with wealth was certainly established.

But instead of looking humbled,, he merely shrugged. "I just think you could find all that stuff you marked much cheaper at discount stores. Money or not, it's pointless to waste it just cause you can."

"It wouldn't be a waste," she argued, her lashes fluttering as she blinked. "Besides, I doubt you could find even half of my list at any of those stores or for cheaper."

She tipped her chin up to him in a challenge, and Jackson smirked at her. Flashing his perfectly white teeth as he winked, sitting up with a kick.

"That a challenge?"


"You got it, just watch me."

And she did. She watched as the rugged man quickly grabbed his laptop and pulled up a seat beside her at the dining table. Within a mere ten minutes, his lips were smirking at her in victory. "Read it and weep." He leaned back as she leaned over, and her jaw dropped.

"What?" He had found everything for almost 30% if not 50% cheaper, saving her a few thousand in costs just with the list alone.

She considered herself savvy, but this had taken her completely off guard.

"How?" She fumbled, her red lips pursed together.

Jackson stretched, flexing his long fingers as he cocked his head at her. He was so close, she could smell his sandalwood shampoo.

She thought to move away, but suddenly the screen was pointed more at her as he smiled at her. And so, with her hand on the back of his chair, she stayed put.

"I've seen my share of weddings, in fact, I've been a best man." he answered, almost proud.

It was endearing.

Kaitlyn stifled a laugh. "You? A best man? I can't even picture it. The king of messy hair and tank tops... in a suit? Around people?"

He ran his fingers through his black locks, the dimples in his cheeks showing. "Oh believe me, princess, I can dress with the best of them. And for your info, I have friends."

She couldn't help but giggle. "I suppose you refer to them all as sweetheart?" She stated, referencing his first attempt at a "nickname" for her.

Jackson gave a mock gasp, his eyes widening before he wiggled his brows at her. "No, no, Kaitlyn," her name sounded nice from his lips--different. And she could only smile at the familiar words spoken back to her: "That would be harassment."

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Anne Marie Joachim
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