The Middle of a Night

The thrum of alcohol scorched her throat, the liquid a smooth burn that her taste buds couldn't decide if they liked or not.

But as the crystal clear liquid was slid at her in the form of another shot glass, Kaitlyn noted that the room was a bit warmer than she recalled. The glossy hue on her cheeks reflected back at her from the adjacent mirror on the wall.

She felt giddy. Nerves alive as her leg bounced happily against the booth she resided in.

"We should do this more often." She giggled out, her hands reaching out to steal a scoop of goopey cheese off his plate.

Jackson snickered, his own lime green shot glass being pressed against his lips as he gave her a smirk. "See, I told you that you should live a little."

The crunch of the chip all but made her moan as the cheese, for some reason, tasted way better than earlier. It was if everything was just a little more satisfying. And as her g

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