The Aftermath

Chapter 12: The Aftermath

She knew they needed to talk about it.

And as her leg bounced with nerves, she found herself unable to leave her room. Anxious and full of trepidation as she stared ahead of her at her innocent bedroom door.

It was the bedroom door she had shared with Randy for so long, that the events from last night almost made her sick to her stomach.

Jackson's breath on her ear, the way he had tangled his fingers in her locks.

It was like a tender secret.

And it broke her heart.

"How could I have let anyone... get so close to me." Kaitlyn's face fell into her hands as she sank onto her bed. Hating how her skin felt hot to the touch on her palms.

While she hadn't technically done anything, it was close enough to make her feel like she betrayed Randy. The thought of him even holding another woman the way she let Jackson

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