Stifling. Annoying.


Those were all words that haunted the house around them.

And Jackson could only watch, lashes narrowed as the couple crumbled in front of him.

This wasn't what he signed up for.

"Hey, I'm home." Kaitlyn greeted as she walked in through the door. Her classic heels stepping in at 6 on the dot--like she always did on the days she worked.

But today, it just annoyed him.

Jackson turned away, not bothering to greet her verbally.  Instead, he merely lifted a hand and waved at her, waiting for her to walk on by like she did every other day this week.

That night at the club, it felt like a bad joke. At least, it had ever since Randy came home.

The status quo back in effect as sadness washed over the house like an obnxious rain cloud.

Kaitlyn resembled a broken doll these

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