For her: The visit

'I will be.'

The words were a candle, and Jackson was determined to light the flame. 

Because even if it wasn't with him, the man found himself determined to make it happen. 

Come hell or high water, Kaitlyn would be happy. He'd make sure of it. 

And that's exactly how he ended up where he was, elbows leaned precariously on a desk as he eyed the pretty receptionist. 

"Hey, I'm here for Randy Folts. Do you mind letting me up to see him, dollface?" 

Jackson leaned against the counter of the lobby more securely, staring down at the good-looking, college-aged secretary. She was cute, eyeing him back without even a hint of subtlety. It was very different than the flustered looks Kaitlyn gave him, the perky brunette in front of him oozing nothing but confidence. She was adorning a tight blouse that showcased her cleavage and from what he could tell, she was wearing a pair of professional dress pants that hugged her t

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