Chapter 67:

"I'm sorry I can't stay to help you put everything away." 

Kaitlyn smiled softly at Josh's apologetic face, the boxes piled high in the back of his truck catching her attention as she shuffled one of the them to end of the tailgate. 

"Are you sure you don't want to wait for me to get out of work? I'll gladly help then." He offered, his lips set in a frown. 

Red locks weaved back and forth, a simple gesture. "No, it's okay. Go ahead and take my car and get to work. I'm excited to get it set up, a little manual labor won't kill me, you know?" She teased lightly as he sighed. 

"I know," He agreed with a wistful smile, but then he crossed his arms. "Still, if it gets too hard, just wait for me and Olivia to help you out, okay?" 

"Okay, okay, you worry wart." Kaitlyn giggled out in reply, Josh gave her one last skeptical look before heading out into her car. It was odd seeing him drive her car instead of his f

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