The Truth

Chapter 72:

Branches scraped her knees, reaching out for her ankles like a warning to stay away. Yet, Kaitlyn didn't listen.

She kept walking in the trees that were so large that they blocked out the sun above, her hands coming up to rub her arms. It was eerie, being alone in the woods. But she swallowed up her nerves and pressed forward.

Randy's lies were twisting her insides, and she fought hard to hold onto anything that proved her suspicions wrong. She realized that once again that she wanted to believe the best in him.

Yet for some reason, those hopes never went far.

That hope was dwindling again, when she finally came across an old, worn down house.

Kaitlyn faltered as she eyed the odd looking home, feeling out of place as she stepped past the fence. The lawn was torn up, and the abandoned atmosphere made her think twice about entering.

Her mind conjured up the worst possibilities. Was Randy in danger? Was th
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