Chapter 73: 

He had seen her cry, so many times. 

Yet somehow, as she stood in the center of the decaying lawn, looking lonely and tired, watching her eyes swell seemed even more painful. Her red curls were hanging over her shoulders in wild abandon, her lips set in a furious scowl that didn't suit her gentle features. 

At least, Jackson didn't think they suited her. But then again, Kaitlyn was like his own special brand of sunshine, and she was always smiling with him. 

So to see her eyes look so cold, it unnerved him. But that coldness faded away when her blue eyes met his. 

And then, she looked so vulnerable. Standing there with her dirty jeans and cardigan that hung off her shoulder. Her bottom lip had started trembling when she spotted him. 

"Jackson..." She said his name again, and he wasted no time. He hopped the fence, not giving a fuck whose property it was. He crossed the space in no time to pull her i

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