The Art Therapist

Chapter 74: 

Lies and truths had melded into one, and he didn't know how to make his way out.  

He could see the three of them standing there, but it felt blurred and surreal. Like his grip on reality was slipping. 

Randy had never felt like such a failure before as he stood in nothing but his boxers and t-shirt. It was one Kaitlyn had bought him years ago. 

He felt dirty and filthy, as he sat beneath their stares. They all knew what he had done. 

It wasn't supposed to be like this. 

Natalie was supposed to make him feel better. She was supposed to love him. 

But right now, he felt so fucking cold. 

Josh's angry words splattered all over his ears, but he couldn't make sense of any of them. He couldn't make sense of why everyone was so angry, couldn't make sense of why he had gone back to the same woman he swore to never contact again. 

He glanced at her now, and her blue

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Haley Gilley
Great book!!!

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