Chapter 35: Lies!

Caroline's POV

"But Daniel! Why do you think it's Sara. I mean what connection would she have with my Dad or Uncle. Oh god! All this is so confusing. everything started cause of uncle Anthony! Ugh!" I said. Yup. Daniel and I are having a chit chat about what this is all about. And obviously with Sara is involved in it in anyway then she can't kill my Dad alone. There is a definite possibility that someone else has also helped her.

We are sitting in Daniel's office. Sam is working in his computer trying to trace Sara. I'm sure Daniel is bored but looks like he's thinking something with his hand stroking his jaw. Suddenly we hear someone's phone ringing, that is Sam's. "Yup......... OK. Forward it to me. OK." He said and cut the call. I mean what kind of a conversation is that. Like seriously?! Anyway. "Daniel! I think we've got a clue. My men just found few old articles about your Dad, Cara. And it seems that.... there were rumors that they are together

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