CHAPTER 4. Maze in Mansion


His words, scared me, my self respect was alresyd gone with them mentioning the virginity test. But now, his words describes his personality. The one. I feel is cruel. 

I can't trust on this man either, I can't rely on him, like aunt said. He is rather another man who is print of my brothers. No respect for a woman. 

He said, as he was not coming closer to me, every step, one after another. With his eyes settle on me. His eyes were burning my skin. While the feeling of being dirty because of thier dirty eyes, filled me. They are nothing but dirty little piece of shit, existence of dirt in human form. That's all. 

Now he halted right in front of me, as Ace brother gave him space.His hands extended somewhere in the air near my face, when they rested on my chin. He slowlu pulled them up, pouring his heating eyes in me and devilish smile on his face. His thumb that was on my cheeks was pressing hard, when he got closer to my face and my hands raised in defence to push him any minute, if he makes a one wrong move. "Right? Vellore?" he was inches away from my lips but he spoke out Vellore's name, my eyes that were squished together, shot open and ended up falling in his. 

I didn't turn, neither did he, as from the corner of my eyes I can see Vellore looking at us. "Right." Vellore said, as he turned to look at him. 

"Well, in that case. Send the Gyno back. I'm an independent person. I don't need thier help." he distant from me a little as the sweatbeads on my head started to slip down, and obliviously the breath I was holding on was not flowing back. 

"But son, whats the point of it after marriage?" his dad asked, as he was still concern about a trivial thing. 

"Why did you think? I asked to take her with me?" he asked his dad back, and turned to look at him. When I took a step back, in the little space I had. And heard his words. "Dad I don't even buy a pen without testing it. Here I am talking about a wife." he said when the other man near his 30s laughed. And he turned to look at me. 


"Don't worry. I'm just as concern as you are. Even I don't want to be a father like you again to someone."


I don't understand what they are talking about. But he was a true asshole, worser then my brothers who always assumed me as trash. 

"Do you wish to walk around and talk to her beforehand, or are you just going to keep blabbering?" Remmo asked, stepping in between, as he looked at me. 

"I don't really to wish to." he said as he walked back, and turned. But he didn't walk out. He was staring at Vellore. 

God? Why was he looking at him. And that too,when Vellore was looking at me? What's going on? Do everyone know about everything? 

"Or maybe, you can just show me around." He said from his spot. Not a smirk on his face. But eyeing Vellore, angrily. 

He then turned to look at me. "Show me around. Let's see, where you have grown up." He again asked, as he turned to walk out of the door. I, for the last time looked at Vellore and walked out of the room with him. 

Silently we were not in the hallway, I can feel his heating gaze on me, but I can't make out, is it anger or not. Passing throung the hallway, I turned to walk towards the front garden where the green house is. 

It was a silent walk, with just his eyes resting on me. I can feel them, because the heat in them was making me feel naked beneath it. 

We were already in the garden, when I walked inside the greenhouse. Where we grow all the rare and beautiful plants with some vegetables. 

We walked inside, he following me. When the little puppy, I have been raising in hide came running to me, barking with his soft and sweet voice. I couldn't help but sat on my knees to its level. I took the little furry white puppy in my arms as I caressed her soft back. While it barked slowly. "How have you been?" I murmured as I played with it and straightened its hair and played with it. But the realisation that I was not alone here, got me out. When I kept the puppy on the ground and caressed his head and stood. 

"You must like dogs?" he asked me, when I turned to hear his voice after walking for 10 minutes silently. "No,I like all the animals it doesn't matter its cat or dog." I slowly murmured as I walked towards the flowers. I sat on my knees, as I smelled one of the flowers. "They might look some ordinary flowers but these are the most rare flowers ever found. Thier existence is countable." I said, as I stood and went towards the plant section, but when I turned, to find him playing with the puppy. He was smiling, while he was playing. 

He took the stone as he was throwing it in air and the catching it, while the puppy jumped in the air to catch it. 

"What's his name?" He asked me, when he noticed that I was looking at him. My eyes shot next to the empty space. "He has no name." I said as I went towards the little plants that have been planted. 

"Why?" he asked as he looked at me again. His eyes at me. "Well, I never thought he needs one. Any day Ace will find it, he wil either throw it out or burn him in front of my eyes." I couldn't help but speak the truth. And I turned to look at his reaction. 

"Lets take him with us." He said, while looking at the dog. And then raised his eyes to see mine. Both of us catched each other's glance. This time I didn't take them away. He kept the pub down, as he stood. And walked towards my his, eyes still at mine. "What I said after the gynac arrived. It wasn't intentional or that I want to hurt your feelings. If I would have directly said no, none would have agreed. That's why I needed to take the tough road. I'm sorry, Rose." He slowly whispered as he was now too close to me. His face was bending towards mine, more and more while I arch my back to get away from getting to close. But suddenly his head went next to mine, behind to in hale the plant. But while he was just wishing to have a refreshment. The arch back of mine, lost its disbalance, and I was to fall back on the stones and plants. He catched me. With his forearm, his cold, icy finger resting on my back. While his hand holding on my wrist, his eyes inside mine while our lips just an inch from each other. Both our breath heavy. As I was sure that my heartbeat was audible to him. His eyes that were on me, came down to my lips, while they were looking at it, and as a reflect mine too went to his. His lightest shade of pink lips with his brown eyes, don't want to admit but it was tempting. And I forgot that while I was evaluation how beautiful he is, I ended up biting my tongue. 

"Roseanna!" We heard a loud yell, from the door with this familiar voice. Vellore. 

He straightened me, as we both turned to look at the source of the sound. The way Kashton looked confused, maybe Vellore haven't told his anything. And everything he was doing in thier was just his assumptions. 

"I mean, Kashton and Roseanna?" Vellore repeated, trying to not stir a problem. "Kashton. I got a call from LA. I think you need to attend it." He gave an excuse his eyes on the ground. Kashton nodded and walked towards him and took the phone from his hand. While Vellore and I both looked at each other once again. I want to explain the situation right now. But I can't do with Kashton being around here. 

Kashton took the call with some random things talking, while we both kept looking at each other. He cut the call and then he looked at me. 

"I have heard this Mansion has a maze room of mirrors here. I want to go there." he continued to talk to me, and looked up at me and then Vellore. 

"Sure, it's one of the most amazing part of our Mansion." I told him as he passed me a glare. And then he  started to leave. I looked at Vellore and then I followed him. I looked back at Vellore. Who was passing me a cold glare. As I was leaving with him.

We walked all the way through the corridor silently as I opened the door, he walked inside. As I grabbed his wrist to stop him before he gets lost in it. He looked back at me as I picked the chalk we kids have kept in the corner of doors. 

"We have to mark the floor where we are walking. Or we will get lost " I told him as he looked at the chalk and nodded. I gave him the chalk as he walked inside and marked it down at at little distances. Again and again. As I too did the same thing. But then he stood and looked around the entire area.

"Why did you agreed at the spot when you didn't wanted the marriage? " He asked me out of blue as I flinched back but then I tried to hold myself. 

"You don't have to lie. Because even if I am not looking at you. I can see you in here " he said as he patted on the mirror. 

I gulped down the nervousness in me as I started to speak. "I barely know you. How can I just be ready instantly" I told him as he laughed and the entire mirror showed his scary laughter. 

"Is that the only reason? Maybe not more? Something related to you continuously seeking glances of my advisor? " he asked me as I instantly looked up at him as I was confused with one of them was real out of so many reflections. 

"I thought it was weird. How he asked me spare him some time and then you both come together after some time difference. Were both out to meet each other. He did say that he wanted me to meet someone this time at my visit to California . But I didn't know it will be own fiance " he said as he passed a shivering eyes. As I was terrified inside out. 

"You have got it wrong -" before I could complete he interrupted. 

"I might not know you well but I know my friend well. I can read his face even with my eyes close. " he said to me as breathing in here got harder for me. As panic took over me. 

"Look-look... What we had was--before anyth-" 

"I'm not saying I have problem with what you had? I'm saying you can't continue this " he said as something inside relieved me as all the panic went away in a snap and I took a deep breath of relief but then suddenly a pair of hands grabbed me as I saw his face up right from mine as his eyes were furious with his face red. 

"So once again I see those glaring and staring. I will take away the eyes of that woman who looks after you. Your shuttle. " he said as he released me while I flinched back and tears escape me. 

Freedom. Key. Bullshit.

I thought to myself as I ran away from the mage room following the directions

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