Just like Ahaz had told, an atmosphere of happiness spread throughout the kingdom.

There was only happiness everywhere. The people of the kingdom had got two happiness together.

First, that the light had spread in the kingdom. The kingdom had become more beautiful than the last time. Absolutely beautiful. There was light everywhere. Darkness covered no corner. And all this happened only because love spread like a fragrance in the kingdom.

As people say, love is in the air.

The wall of enmity between werewolves and vampires was slowly falling apart. Beauty was all around because love had started rising in everyone’s mind or heart.

With this, everyone was happy for the marriage of the king. In the morning, this news was spread all over the kingdom that the preparations for the marriage of the king are going to start soon.

In this happiness, all the people of the kingdom decorated the entire state. The wedding preparations started today itself.

In the morning when Daisy saw that t
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