Luna Amber’s Pov

“Who knows what?”

I gasped in shock. No, this can’t be. Why me, please tell me this is just a dream! I scream internally. I wished my father never made that stupid rule, no species can mix. A long time ago I met my true mate, Dakota Unser. If it hadn’t have been for my father’s stupid rule I could have been with him, however I am a wolf and he was the Warlock King. When I found out 18 years ago that I was having his daughter I was happier than I had ever been in my life. That quickly faded when my father announced that ANYONE caught mixing species would be killed and made an example out of.

Thankfully, at the time I was already mated to a wolf. I still wish to this day more than anything that I could have been a mother to my child and be happily ever after with my true mate. No one knows why my father made that pathetic rule besides the prophecy. There would be a wolf born blessed by the moon goddess with her Devine powers. The wolf would have been the first of their kind. They would bring peace to the world and become the one true leader. Throughout the years the prophecy has changed from a female to a male back and forth. My father has always been power hungry and refused to give up his reign. He went as far as ensuring he lived a long life and basically had a witch make sure he was immortal.

So since his rule came out I had to pretend to resent the one thing I truly wanted in this world. I am doomed to suffer alone and cannot be happy. I cannot have my mate or my child. In order to make sure they both lived, I had to push them away and make them hate me. It was the only way they could survive. The only reason my father allowed her to live was because I lied and said she had no wolf. I had a witch friend cast a spell and make sure she couldn’t shift into her wolf until she met her mate.

As I slowly turned around and faced the one man I have tried to hide from all these years. My true mate, Dakota.

“Are you spying on me Dakota?” I asked as I stared at him emotionless.

“Not at all. I am here as a guest of the wolf king. I was on my way to him when I happened upon you and the help talking.” He replied looking from myself to Skylar.

“So again, I ask. Who knows what?” He asked flatly.

I had no desire to tell him who I was talking about and what they know. So as I was trying to come up with a lie Skylar spoke up.

“Oh, nothing serious your highness. The Luna was letting me know that my daughter knows about her surprise party later tonight. So we were just on our way to change the plans for it is all.” She replied meekly with her head still lowered.

Oh my goodness I could hug her right now with her quick thinking. I just pray he bought it. Skylar is the only one I had ever confided the truth in. I didn’t know who else to talk to about how I truly felt and she allowed me to sneak in late at nights to hold my daughter when she was younger.

“Oh, I see.” He said sadly.

I could see the brief sadness and disappointment in his eyes at her reply but it quickly vanished. Dakota then turned around and walked towards the front of the pack house.

“That was close.” I whispered as I released the breath I had been holding.

Skylar and I quickly made it to the edge of the territory where I knew we could speak freely.

“What’s wrong Luna? What do you mean she knows?” Skylar asked stuttering.

“Ashley knows! She knows Sam is my daughter!” I screamed panicked.

“I don’t know how or why but she knows. I believe that is why she keeps bullying her more and more. If she comes out to anyone or even father it will be bad for Rebel. She must go tonight disappear something!”

This was the only way to save her not only from my stepmother Luna Ashley, but also get her far away from Dakota. I cannot allow them to get her. Dakota would take her away from here and possibly kill us all for hiding his daughter all these years. My father sent letter to Dakota long ago that my daughter was killed when Alpha Trevor Teller banished me. That’s why he destroyed his entire pack and named another as the wolf king. However, if Luna Ashley found out that she was in fact my daughter she would demand my father make an example of her and have her killed. The only way to protect her now was to send her far away. Just as we were about to head to the pack house we seen Rebel sneak past the borders.

“Where is she going?” Skylar asked worriedly.

We quickly followed her into the night. I don’t know what it was, but she somehow seemed different.

Dakota’s POV

I knew she was lying but I didn’t have time for this. For the first time without a shadow of doubt I knew my little girl was still alive! I quickly made it to the front of the pack house eagerly waiting for this to be over with. I have waited 18 long years to finally have my child in my arms and I wouldn’t allow anyone to take her from me again.

“Are you positive the spell will work?” asked Alpha Elijah.

“Yes. As I was walking here I felt the green chord. It was here faintly.” I replied pointing in the direction of the chord.

Although with all the unmated females of the pack even omegas she should be here with the. I was confused as to why the chord was faint and going away from here. As I was lost tracing the direction of the chord the pack’s beta appeared in my line of view.

“Alpha Alex, this is all the unmated females of our pack. They await your instructions.”

Alpha Alex walked to the front of the females and told them to all line up. Once they had finished he addressed them directly.

“Ladies today is a very special day for our pack. The Alpha King is sure one of the ladies amongst you is his one true mate. He will walk up to each one of you, look into your eyes and take in your scent.”

Alpha Alex then turned to face King Elijah.

“They are all yours. We are so happy that the moon goddess chosen your mate from our pack. May this union be blessed for years to come.”

We could all sense the true reason he was happy the king’s mate came from his pack, but no one spoke it out loud. King Elijah stepped forward and I could already tell he noticed the green chord was moving away from here as well. He sniffed the air and looked up at Alpha Alex.

“She’s not here!” His wolf spat angrily.

“How dare you hide my mate from us. What’s the meaning of this?” He asked as his obsidian eyes bore into Alpha Alex’s.

“Wh…what do you mean? This is all the unmated wolves.” He stuttered.

“I had King Dakota cast a spell. That night my mate called to me I noticed something strange. So I asked the Warlock to make the same thing visible to myself, my beta, and well himself. All three of us can vouch that she isn’t present. So again I ask, why are you hiding my mate?”

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