#Chapter 159 - Alpha Council

Rachel POV

Days turned into weeks in Our Blessed Goddess Medical Center.

Mama had taken over a week to detox from the drugs flooding her system. She'd managed to regain her ability to speak after only a few days. She was, however, still taking physical therapy to assist her with strengthening her muscles and bones again after all those years of living a dormant life in the asylum.

My body was still fighting against itself. Some part of me -some animal part deep inside- wanted to reclaim the ability to shift, to fight, to run.

I knew Rayne wanted to stretch her legs, but I didn't think my wolf was the one calling all the shots. I believed most of the restlessness in my body was from a part of me even more primal than Rayne herself.

"Have you seen Ethan today?" I asked my mother.

Mama looked up from where she had been studying her hands. I knew it would take her a few moments to respond. She'd gotten her voice back, but speech was still not ea

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Amber Ivers
I'm assuming mates. he would have known he recognized her from the pictures hanging on Richard's walls.
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Amber Ivers
I knew it!! I'm almost positive now that they're mates and arts interest in Rachael's safety is because he's going to be the father she deserves. art is Elena's second chance mate. her mom is a princess. but, oh no! the baby is coming! it's not time.
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Shadale Foster
so love this book

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