#Chapter 160 - An End and a Beginning

Rachel POV

"The baby is coming!" I cried

How was my baby coming?

I'd had pain in my back, but I was used to that by now. I spent all day in the bed. My stomach was so swollen I couldn't see my feet and the extra weight put pressure on my spine.

I had not had the first cramp! Where were my contractions? Where was the agonizing pain women all talked about?

"Relax," a nurse said as she bustled into the room behind my mother who'd bolted for the hall as soon as I'd first called out.

The nurse looked gloriously professional and capable. I wanted her help more than I wanted my next breath of air. I sighed audibly in relief.

"It's not really my water breaking? Was it just some kind of---accident?" I asked, blushing as I looked at the tablet where the Alpha Council was still hanging on the line on their side.

All the male Councilmen looked terribly uncomfortable while the two females both looked amused. I was mortified this had happene

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Deborah Savoia-Pearl
I loved this book. This can't be the end though. There is still so much more to tell. What about Nathan and Lindy and Art and Elena? What about Ethan? Will there be a sequel? Or maybe a short continuation on this story itself?
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Maria Fuentes-Mazariego
Love the book but , I wish there was more to the end.!
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Valita Hunphrey
good book, but the end was rushed. What happened to Nathan, Lindy,? sooooany unanswered questions which made this book somewhat of an disappointment at the end.
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