Episode 6: Sign

Episode 6: Sign

“Did he leave?” I questioned which I later then answered on my own, “Of course he did, you wouldn’t come here if he is still around.”

“I do not know if you really get it or you’re just acting unaware,” Diego enunciated as he wipes off the remaining drips of blood on his neck. “He is my father, do you think I would just stand there and watch you two kill each other?”

“It could’ve been a wonderful live performance for you to watch.”

                He chortled as he turned away and walked towards the opened veranda door. “If I am you, yes I might’ve done that. But I am not someone who tolerates such kind of turpitude.”

“Wow! Coming from an Alpha who already slaughtered countless lives. You still have the guts to say such words?” My words diverting my attention when he suddenly closed all lights penetrating the room and that only candle lights were left lit. I gulped when he suddenly bent, pushing me down the velvet bed where my hand was still chained to its headboard.

“Before judging a book by its covers, have you read its chapters?”

“If you’re the book, I wouldn’t mind checking,” I whispered close to his ear, hiding my face that reddens like tomatoes. His hands started to roam around again making my face heat up in discomfiting feeling.

“What could be the reason?”

                   What could it be? Maybe because I want him to explain himself, maybe because I want to know something straight from his lips. But my mind couldn’t accept an explanation, due to a fact that there is a barrier between us. And that keeps me from completely accepting everything.

“Because you are that kind of someone who I don’t have to check its backgrounds, the front page that I’ve already had known will not change the way I see you. Diego Alfarro who belongs to a clan that killed innocent lives started as enemies and will end as such. In my eyes, we are just two birds who only flock at common interests. You and I only have the needs when we are that close to each other. We may be mates… but will never be lovers.”

                   A portion of my heart twinges the moment I released those words. Silence filled the entire room, he didn’t talk nor paused from what he was doing. A few minutes passed when his voice shattered the quiet yet heavy atmosphere around us, “What were you thinking repeating those words? Is it because you are my mate that you think highly of yourself? Cut off your imagination because, from the moment you stepped inside my territory, you are nothing but a thing that satisfies my needs.”

                   A faint smile was formed on my lips, why does his words hit roughly? Shouldn’t I be glad that he treats me the same as I do? I need him and he needs me, we just take benefit from each other. Nothing more, nothing less. I tightly gripped his neck as he dominantly takes over me like what he just said, I’m just for his needs.

“Then we’re clear then, we have limitations and boundaries.”


“You’re leaving?” I asked when he get up and grabs his shirt.

“To a conference,” He simply replied without even facing me. My gaze shifts to the newly opened window and quite surprised that it’s already dark outside. Great, we spend four hours. “Stay here, dare to get out and you’ll be dead.”

“Scary…” I crossed my finger to my lips and looks at him with flirtatiousness. “Now you’re locking me like a slave, don’t I have the freedom to walk around and find someone who I can be with while you’re away?”

                 I nearly leaped away when he suddenly laid me back to bed with his unusual glacial emotion. “Try it, find another man to have an affair with. Just don’t let his scent stay on you, I don’t mind killing his entire clan.”

“Affair?” I chuckled, “Wasn’t I only your plaything? You don’t have the right to chain me behind closed doors because—”

“I own every inch of you and sharing is not part of my vocabulary.” With that, he turned away and leave the door open. He’s so complex! It’s so difficult for me to understand him when his words contradict his actions!

                 I fierily pulled away the blanket covering me as I stood up and slip on the linen dress neatly placed when I opened the closet door. It was dark blue with minimal designs which suit my taste, no sequins nor dangling pieces of jewelry just plain blue. Soft and comfortable but too long that I couldn’t jump nor jump without holding it up.

                 Looking around and searched for pants or any other shorter clothes that I could wear but there were no other choices but a series of long flowy ones. These… I couldn't walk around in these elegant clothes, swinging and sweeping the floor like I’ve been carrying such a large broom. In this case, maybe I can bear with it for a short period.

                 The dress fitted hugging my waist and both of my arms look like tailfins with its long balletic sleeve. The neckline was slightly low that reveals and yeah, maybe secures those pair of buns in place. It costs only one turn for me in front of the mirror before I glide to the vanity one. There were lots of ornaments and jewelry but with the kind of fashion I was aware of, there were none of it that I could use.

                 With the short tawny hair that I have, hairstyle is not a problem. I simply braided it halfway leaving the rest free and just stuck three of the pearl pins in between before securing it in place. Only a simple smile came out as I turn away and leave the room. I don’t know why but my legs seem to know where it was going that it headed to Diego’s office.

“The elders had already proposed it, Alpha. The commotion yesterday caused an alarm.”

“And we just need your approval.”

                  It was Cedric’s voice, and the other one was a familiar voice I’d heard of somewhere. I leaned closer to hear clearly but suddenly it became so faint that couldn’t catch up with the topic they were talking about. I frowned and leaped off the balcony and to a narrow space that only fits my feet when I step slanted.

“If this is all because of her, without due respect, I suggest you cut off the ties with that woman. She’ll drag the entire pack to fall if you let her stay.”

                 From the window I’m peeking, I could see how Diego brushed his hair with his palms. He’s frustrated with what Cedric said which is partially true. I gripped the edge of the brick tighter to support my weight and transferred to the other side can hide my presence.

“No doubt, she will. You only have two remaining choices, that is to save the pack or choose her over us.”

                 He was left silent with his hand on his forehead. Why does he look so problematic? This decision must be an easy pick for him knowing that I don’t have that much worth for him to choose me over his pack. What is wrong with him?

“She is the Luna—”

“Yet our enemy,” his gamma cuts Him off. “They are our biggest opponent in this chess game, and the time is counted. Either we defend and fight or we let a single missile crash our walls.”

                 To the pressure he’s into, Diego slammed the table breaking it into two. “Command all eight battalions, guard every entrance and exit. We’ll raise our defenses in the fourth echelon. No outsiders shall breakthrough,” he furiously roared causing the two to step backward.

                  With that, I let out a smug smile and vaulted away from the mansion. If they’re really upgrading their defenses and guards, it would be difficult for us to get the timing. I better get Mayari and the others out of here before it’s too late. I placed my fingers and whistled the tune we have agreed to sound for an abrupt danger signal.

“I saw his beta and gamma enter the room. What’s up, General?” Mayari closed up.

They’re activating their artillery, we must get out of here before the Alpha announces the sudden defense. We couldn’t risk any of our soldiers’ life.”

                    Mayari just nodded and signaled the remaining ones to flee from different directions in order not to alarm the guards patrolling around. There were only 50 individuals whom I brought here including the ones that disguised their selves as one of the soldiers. As soon as they gathered completely outside the walls of Abberant territory, I quickly explained to them the current situation.

“We can’t risk our lives this soon, the pack Alpha was alarmed by my sudden action yesterday. Alesandro Alfarro, he’s still alive and he may already have found out our presence that he raised their defenses. For now, returning to Sinandaya is our best option.”

                     I saw how their eyes blaze red the moment I mentioned the name Alfarro, their anger was outraged to that clan and so am I. Then a thought crossed my mind, if I accepted the mate thing between us, I would be considered a traitor to my kind, a family who had kept me company during my darkest days. This may be one sign for me to stop and hold myself from falling to him. A sign that we really can never be together.


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