Monday morning, I wake up with a smile on my face. 


Today I will see the twins again. 


I haven't seen them since they left Friday. 


Before they left that night, they both kissed me over and over and over again. 


The entire weekend was spent texting back and forth with them. They kept telling me how much they wanted to ditch all their meetings and come over. The thought of being with them again made me and my little vibrator extra close. 


I told them about it, too. About how I got myself off to the thought of them. In return, they promised I would be punished for touching what belonged to them. 


They had told me from the very beginning that they couldn't promise a future with me, and I understood that. After all, I'm only twenty. Shouldn't I be hitting the clubs and getting it on with random strangers?


The thought of sleeping with anyone other than them just didn't sit right with me. I know it's typical for people to have emotional connections with the person who takes their v-card. But this? This is different. I know that even if I was the biggest slut before I met them, no one could ever compare to how they made me feel. 


My pussy clenches at the memories of what they did to me. 


My boss had approved my day off right away. I've been an intern for TechBuddy since I started college when I was sixteen. Once I graduated college at eighteen, they kept me there as a full-time employee. 


I've been on time, every single day. Granted, it was all work from home, except for the yearly board meeting. Or special request visits.


Like the one I would be doing for the Rossi twins. Only this wasn't for my boss. 


I finally force myself out of bed. It's already eleven in the morning. I had allowed myself to sleep in. 


I head to the shower, taking a nice hot shower and making sure I'm shaved everywhere. I grow very little body hair, but I like to be sure. 


Once I'm thoroughly cleaned, I get out and go through the process of getting ready. 


Sitting down in front of my vanity, I apply a small amount of makeup, mostly just eye makeup, and begin drying my hair. Once it's dry, I lightly curl it. 


I grab my outfit from my wardrobe. It's a two-piece blazer and skirt suit in a light pink shade. It reaches around mid-thigh, and it shows just a small amount of cleavage. A small section of skin is visible near my waist. 


Simple makeup, pretty hair, and a sexy, but still business-acceptable, outfit. 


I clasp my locket around my neck and slip on my silver heels. 


I grab my phone, keys, and work bag and head to their office. It's only a ten-minute walk, so I'll be there right on time. 


The stroll there is quick enough. Granted, I can't help but think about the twins the entire time. 


I reach their company building and enter. 


The brunette at the front desk smiles at me as I reach her. "How can I help you today?"


I smile back at her. "I have a meeting with Nicholas and Antonio. My name is Caroline Brooks." 


The lady's smile diminishes and she gives me a once over. "You can head up. It's on the highest level. You turn right once you get off the elevator, and there's a big black door. Knock on the door before you enter. Sirs don't like when you just walk in." 


I nod and head toward the elevators. I enter and press the highest number, level 15. I lean against the elevator wall and try to calm my nerves. How am I going to handle being near them when I can't stop thinking of them fucking me? I can't help but wonder what it would be like having them fuck me all of the time. 


The elevator dings and the doors open. I exit and turn right. All the way down the hall is a black door. I walk towards it. Taking a deep breath, I reach my hand up and knock. I wait a couple of moments. 


The door is opened, and a glaring Antonio stands there. His eyes meet mine and his features morph, he smiles down at me. "Come on in, Cara." 


"My name is actually Caroline." I say as I walk past him into the office. 


Nicholas chuckles. He's seated in front of a huge desk. "We know, darling. It's Italian." 


My face heats up. Why didn't I think of that?


I place my bag down on the chair in front of his desk and look around. 


Across from his desk is a second desk. Obviously, Antonio's. 


There is a door directly across from the office entrance. 


I turn back to see the twins watching me. Nicholas is staring at my exposed breasts, and Antonio is ogling my legs. 


I can see from where I'm at that his dick is already hard. 


I smile at them and walk to the desk. "So this is your personal work computer?" I ask him and he nods. I bend down over him to click through the computer. 


"I can get started on this, but it might take a while." I lean back to see him adjusting his crotch. "Can I sit here?" 


Nicholas looks up at me with a smirk and nods. I expect him to stand, but instead, he drags me down onto his lap, right down on his fully erect cock. 


"I meant the chair." I moan out as he moves around beneath me, adjusting us slightly. I can feel him poking me through our clothes. 


God, I want nothing more than to rip his fucking pants off and ride his cock. 


"I don't care. I'm comfortable like this." 


I turn to look at him. "Nicholas, I don't think I can work like this, with you poking into me."


"Why not? Are you too turned on? Because I can help you out with that?" He places his hands on my legs, his fingers stroking my inner thighs.


I shake my head and turn to the computer, clicking through it again. 


Antonio chuckles from his desk on the other side of the room.




An hour passes. An hour of torture. Nicholas hasn't let me move from his lap. He kept his hands on my thighs. Every once in a while he would move around, pressing his erection more against my core. I'm a little scared to stand up. What if my arousal leaked onto him? After all, I doubt my lace panties would be able to handle how turned on these men made me. 


The computer dings and I look at the screen. 


"So, the analysis is complete. Everything is clear. I also updated your firewalls and made it so that any infusion would shut down their systems." I go to stand up but Nicholas simply pulls me back down, hard.


"Do you need to do my brothers now?" He breathes into my ear. 


I shake my head. "I did a full system analysis. All computers that are connected to the network were included."


Nicholas hums and pulls my hair to one side. He runs his nose over my neck, over the marks that were there. 


After our little fun on Friday, my body was covered in hickeys, especially my chest and neck. Some faded already, but some still were visible. 


His mouth begins to follow along my neck. He trails kisses up my neck until he reaches my jawline. He turns my face towards him and continues his trail up until his mouth meets mine. He gently brushes his lips against mine, waiting. I press my lips against his more firmly. He smirks into the kiss. 


His hands leave my thighs to my blazer. He finds the buttons and begins to undo them, still kissing me. My breasts spill out of my blazer. I stand up enough to turn around on his lap. I take my blazer off my shoulders, throwing it to the side. My skirt rises up to allow my legs to widen as I straddle his lap. 


I reach down and unbuckle his belt. I unzip his pants and reach in. I stroke his erection over his briefs.


Nicholas groans into my mouth at the contact. 


He unbuttons his own shirt and takes it off, along with his jacket. I get off of him and pull him up, dropping his slacks and his briefs at once. 


I watch him look down at my body, his eyes going over my breasts, my pebbled nipples. 


He spins me around, bending me over the desk and rolling my skirt over my ass. He yanks off my white lace panties, and I feel my juices flowing freely down my thighs. His fingers find my swollen clit immediately. 


"You're so wet, darling. Tell me what you want daddy to do." I moan as he rubs his hand over my folds.


I keep silent, forcing my face against the hard wood in front of me. 


He growls lowly behind me before I feel him press his erection against my folds. He pushes the tip in and out of my tight opening, teasing me. 

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