Chapter 4


When was this going to end? For years we have been dealing with this threat and haven’t gotten anywhere. Although I had no one to blame except for myself. When the breakout first happened, I had been tasked with finding a cure. Or rather my pack was.

We weren’t an exceptionally large pack, in fact, we were potentially the smallest pack in the world, consisting of only twelve members. We used to be a lot larger, but this parasite has taken out the rest. Just because we were small though, didn’t mean we weren’t one of the best.

Every member of my pack has been trained to fight off those that have been infected. We were also the ones that could find a cure. At least at one point, I thought we were, but now I wasn’t so sure.

When the breakout first happened, my pack had been one of the first ones hit. The ones that remained are immune to the parasite. Everyone, including me, has been infected, but we were able to overcome it.

When the Alpha King learned of this, he sent over on
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Linda Gwede
very interesting, looking forward to next chapters
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Hi, I was wondering if this book was still being updated? I’m really intrigued with the storyline and I wanted to know if the author is still writing it
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Raelyn Karson
I will post more chapter's this week.

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