Chapter 13


“I can see something is bugging you, so I am offering to listen. If there is any way to get through all of this, we need to be able to have some we can confide in. You are in a new place, with new people, but if something is bothering you, talk to me.” Ryker said.

With the way he spoke, I wondered if he did care about me or something. If there was anything I knew without a doubt about the man standing next to me, was that he confused me to no end. One minute he tells me that his priority to his pack only, the next he is making me feel things I never thought possible, and now he was concerned about what was bothering me.

Sighing, I decided to tell him what happened when I returned home. In order to tell him that though, he needed to understand who Theo was. I just hope it didn’t upset him to know I had considered choosing him as my mate.

I also included how I received my ring, which I then explained I wore it now as a promise to do everything in my power to help him. Lastly, I
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