Chapter 91: Epilogue part two


“If we would have known you were going to take this long to join us, we would have just started the party without you.” Theo teased us when we entered the large dining hall, where we were having the party.

“Can’t have a birthday party without the birthday boy.” I stuck my tongue out at him as I led R.J into the room.

He has been walking on his own for nearly a year now, but I still held his hand because he had a tendency to run off on his own also. Between everyone that lived here and the staff, he could be a handful at times. I blamed his father though because there was no way I had been this wild as a child.

My mother disagrees with me, but I will deny it. Laughing to myself, I didn’t get extremely far before my mother pushed through the others to make her way toward R.J. Speak of the devil and she shall arrive.

That is the way it has been here lately. Any time I so much as think of my mother, she shows up out of nowhere. I was beginning to think that she had radar detection
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Makes sense. It wasn’t about Ryker
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Esmp Parks
good book really enjoyed it
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really enjoyed tjis book thank you
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