2: "Why do you always do that?"


“ Just jump Emerald, it can’t be too hard!” Nora was yelling at the top of her lungs from the lake as she and the rest of my team watched me fidgeting on the cliff.

I was afraid of heights and I couldn’t just ignore the strange voice in my head that kept saying I would fall and die. I tried to push myself forward before I would dive into the lake. 

I looked at my teammates in the lake, all seven of them kept yelling my name and that was when I gave up, “ that’s it, I don’t care about dignity. I’m not doing this!” I said and ran away from the cliff.

“ Are you mad? Turn around right now!” I heard my wolf say but I ignored her and kept running.

However, my wolf was stubborn -  she turned me around and made me run towards the end of the cliff at a speed I had never seen before, I screamed as I fell from the top of the cliff while she took control and I flipped seven times before I fell into the water with an enormous splash.

When I swam and brought my head out of the water to breathe everyone in my team was cheering and chanting my name. Nora swam quickly to where I was and hugged me before she said, “ let’s go, we’re second place!”

When we got to the bank of the lake, our trainer Zanon was standing there with a blank look on his face as always, you would never know if you did terribly or if you did well that way. The other teams were already making their way to the finish line by the time I got to where he was and his eyes were on them. Taking notes on whether or not they flipped perfectly before diving.

“ Go to the Zenith Hall there I will announce the results,” he said to Nora who was leading our team and we all made a sign with our fingers, forming the diamond shape – that was our team’s symbol, Then we headed straight for the Zenith Hall – not that we belonged there, we were Omegas but if Zanon says we should go there then they are most likely going to announce the Omegas whose rank is impressive enough to join the betas.

“ Why did you hesitate when you knew you would ace the dive and the flip?” Nora asked when we reached the Zenith Hall gates.

“ I got scared that I might not ace it, didn't you hear me scream? I was horrified,” I said simply and she stared at me. I have been getting those stares lately. Since I'm almost turning eighteen, my strength has been getting out of hand and it took a lot for me to control my wolf before she exposes me. 

They taught us in Genetics class that anything half-wolf is a threat to pure-blooded wolves because their strength is a combination of their wolf and whatever other side they are made of. In my case, being part Seige made me too strong and I knew that I would have to suppress that side of me. That used to be easy for me to do since I was only fourteen when I came to Lygard but now, it was a battle. 

I followed Nora and sat beside her at our dining table. The Zenith Hall was enormous, it was the only Hall that could contain all factions of the wolves. 

Right now, it was empty so we sat comfortably and waited for the other Omegas to come in and join us.

Nora dried her hair with her towel since that was the only thing that needed drying, our training suits were waterproof. That was a privilege we enjoyed for today just so we would not wet the Hall, usually, we wore our thin black and bronze suits for training that was definitely not waterproof.

“ Dry your hair for goodness sake Emerald, you’re dripping all over the place. Can’t have the betas thinking that we’re sloppy.” Keith said to me and I glared at him before I took the towel on my table and dried my hair with it. 

When I was done I dropped the towel beside me on the bench and sure enough, they were all staring at me. 

“ I don’t understand how your hair is that long and perfectly beautiful even after training. You’re really lucky to be so flawless at everything, my hair is already tangled and messy.” Reyona said and I smiled at her. 

“ it’s still beautiful though,” I said and she smiled back at me. 

When all the Omegas had entered the hall and sat at their positions, the betas stepped in in their black and silver training suits. They were so in form and in tune with one another, you could see some of them were very fit because of how you could make out their muscles even through their thick suits.

I quickly spotted Alan, he and Freya were formerly Omegas but they both made the cut and joined the betas for two years now. His parents were surprised because no one in their family had been able to move out of the Omega rank and that was something Alan and Freya were proud of. 

As he walked past us, he looked at me from the corner of his eyes and smirked, some of the girls around me giggled. I could never get used to that, Alan had grown buff and the girls loved it, even top female betas thirsted for him in the open and that just got on my nerves, though Freya didn’t care.

She too walked past me and gave me a subtle nod and I smiled at her.

“ Alan is really handsome, don’t you think?” Reyona said and I sighed.

“ He’s like a brother to me, I don’t think of him that way,” I said and they laughed.

“ You lived in the same house as Alan when he was just a scrawny Omega and now he has that kind of body and you still deny the fact that you two have something for each other? He literally couldn’t take his eyes off you and he’s still staring,” Nora teased and I rolled my eyes.

“ He’s just trying to make me feel less nervous, please give it a rest Nora,” I pleaded and she smirked mischievously. 

I stole a glance at Alan and wondered for the first time if he really saw me as anything more than a sister.

His parents took me in the second they told them that my stepfather threw me out and raised me as their own, he couldn’t possibly see me any different, could he?

In this pack, few boys made the females shamelessly thirst for them and Alan had surprisingly become one of them, I even heard that he was dating Diane, Dracah's sister.

In my opinion, it was stupid for him to do so since when he turns eighteen, a day will come when he would discover who his mate is and that day, both of them would be heartbroken when they discover they won’t be each other’s mate.

“ It’s Dracah!” I heard some girls squealing as Dracah walked down the hall with four of the best betas in our set. Keiran, Ethan, Kourtney, and Janelle. These people were always together, they were the most feared of all betas and Dracah being the next Alpha was beyond a nightmare.

No one knew why Dracah was like that. He scared even our Masters or trainers just by looking at them with his gold eyes. 

Looking at his appearance one would just know that he was trouble. He was very tall, he had a very healthy, silky, black hair that even girls couldn't boast of having and I heard he barely cut it. His hair reached his waist but it was knotted at the ends so it must've been longer than that. 

I always imagined that he was sculpted by the moon goddess on a very good day and that was why his face in entirety was unrealistically perfect. His skin was tanned because he trained harder than everyone else under the scorching sun and his sharp jawlines were a feature I bet the goddess spent days to perfect. 

Everyone always doted on how uniquely shaped his lips were and if you looked at him from the side, his profile was dangerously enticing. Some girls looked forward to watching him eat just so they would watch his Adam's apple move more frequently!

I didn't like being around them even if like them I had a crush on him because they were too annoying sometimes. Dracah's body proportions were another thing that he was undeniably too blessed with.

For me, of all his charming traits his eyes were the most noticeable thing about him, they changed colors based on how he was feeling. Right now his eyes were pitch black, I heard that meant he was calm. When he gets angry, it becomes gold, when he’s enraged red, and when he’s happy it becomes blue. 

As much as we all had secret fantasies and hopes that Dracah would look at us for once whenever he walked past any of us, we all knew that his eyes functioned as if they are meant to see only those that matter to him - his family, those four betas with him - and also his sweetheart Yvonne.

Everyone suspected she would be his mate but I didn't think so if anything he fancies her and that's all.

He ignored the giggles of the girls who watched as he made his way to where only he and his friends sat and when he got to where I was seated as always, I turned to face the table because I didn’t want to look at him like the other girls were. 

I sighed and turned around when I was sure he had passed me but I almost let out a scream when I saw Dracah in front of me. He bent down and placed his hands on the table with me in between his hands, the space between us was almost non-existent.

For the first time since I’ve known him, he spoke to me and said in his ocean-deep voice,” Why do you always do that?”

 I swallowed hard because the only thing I was thinking about was how to stop my heart from beating so fast. If I failed at controlling myself, he would know that my heart wasn’t beating fast because I was afraid but because our proximity excited and aroused me – that would be a disaster!

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