4; The demon child


“ The end of the demon child starts with us all!

We shall train, put our emotions aside and break our 

bones if we must! Because she whose destiny is to 

bring us wolves to ruin must be destroyed. 

We are the end of the demon child!” 

This was our daily chant before any training regardless of your rank in the pack. I’ve never understood why we recited this rubbish every morning before training but the wolves strongly believe there is a demon child from Sigard whose destiny is to kill them all. 

That to me was absurd. I never trained telling myself that I would someday be able to kill this so-called demon child, it was a myth - I mean I lived there and there was no demon baby or whatever! I couldn't believe they were training to kill a child. Rather than obsess over a lie, I trained because I wanted to desperately prove to myself that I wasn’t as useless as my father thought. 

“ Betas! Choose your enemy!” Roared commander Fran. His voice was the second most frightening and thunderous thing I’ve ever heard and even though he had one arm shorter than the other he was a deadly fighter. 

We all scattered the uniform line we stood in and started choosing who we would train with – more like who we would try to brutally beat to submission. 

As an Omega, we weren’t allowed to fight ourselves so this was new to me. I looked around and watched as everyone picked a partner, I knew that I needed to choose someone who isn’t very strong because if in the course of this training I get brutally beaten, then my inability to heal fast would rat me out as part wolf and then they would stop at nothing to find out what my other side is. I cannot allow that to happen under any circumstance!

“ Hey, Freya. Let’s do this!” I said as I extended my hand to her, if she accepts my hand then we would be opponents in this training. I chose her because I knew she would cut me some slack.

“ Damn, I’ll feel bad when I beat your ass though.” She said and I smiled at her. 

Freya was about to shake my hand when I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and turned around saying, “ Alan for the thousandth time I don’t wanna be your –“ 

The rest of what I was about to say was at the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t speak because it wasn’t Alan that tapped me. It was Dracah. 

I knew I would meet him here and I suspected he would confront me about my scent eventually but I didn’t expect him to be this quick about it. 

Dracah had his hair arranged in a man bun as he always does when he trains and he was shirtless. I heard that he usually took off his shirt on the training ground but I never got to see his perfect body before. His skin was tanned, his abs were a well-defined six-pack and he had the most insane biceps I’d ever seen on a soon-to-be eighteen-year-old.  Why on Earth am I thinking about his body at a time like this?

As he looked at me his eyes were black, that’s a good sign. It means he isn’t angry with me and he doesn’t know what I am yet but what could he possibly have to say then if it isn’t what I’m thinking he discovered about me yesterday.

“ Emerald…” he said and I could feel my heart rate increase when I heard him say my name…well my sister’s name but it still wasn’t so bad.

“ Yes?” I said simply as I turned around to face him.

“ I choose you as my opponent,” he said as he extended his hand to me making everyone including myself gasp. 

I was mistaken! He does know what I am and he wants to beat me probably to death in front of everyone and make me an example to other secret part wolves! 

“ Dracah, do you want to kill her? You only train when it’s the four of us together against you and even we can’t keep up with you let alone a newly ranked beta!” Ethan said to Dracah but he just looked at them and they got the message instantly and paired with each other instead. 

“ Freya…” he said after his friends had gone. Freya nodded and walked away from me and paired with someone else. 

“ Don’t even think about rejecting my challenge because you know the consequence, besides, I’ll go easy on you I just want to talk.” He said and I watched as everyone looked wearily at me.

“ But I don’t stand a chance against you and you –“

“ – Emerald!” he growled as he glared at me, but his eyes were still black. Was he faking anger? 

I swallowed and placed my hand in his for a handshake and the frown on his face turned into a smirk. 

“ Great… since you all have partners we’ll start. You have ten minutes to get your opponent to submit to you!” commander Fran said and we took our positions. 

I looked into Dracah’s eyes and all I could see was...well…nothing! I couldn’t tell what he planned on doing to me and I hated that! He balled his hands into fists and smirked as he said, “ I’ll let you attack” 

That was bad, it meant he wanted to see what I’ve got. Taking in a deep breath, I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them something came over me making me punch him in the face with more strength than I intended to. 

I hit him so hard that when he looked at me, there was blood on his lips. His head was down so I couldn't tell how he was taking this.  I heard him chuckle and I was relieved that he wasn't mad like I expected.“ That was cute Emerald, but I need you to fight me!” he said as he lifted his head and I saw his eyes turn gold. Shit! He was angry! 

My heart was thudding fast because his eyes just basically said he wasn’t going to hold back anymore and that would be catastrophic. I wondered if I should run because I’ve seen the kind of wounds he’s inflicted on his regular training mates and I really can’t take that beating all by myself!

I threw another punch his way but he grabbed my arm and squeezed them making me wince in pain before he kicked my legs and I fell to the ground. 

“ Get up and fight!” he commanded but rather than whimper at his command I took my time and got up, the entire time I told myself, “ you have to make sure no one finds out – even if it means letting rue loose. He’s an Alpha, right? He can handle it.” 

I didn’t even need to say a word before Rue took over, she grabbed him by his waist, lifted him, and threw him on the ground. By then everyone else has stopped their fighting and was watching me and Dracah instead. 

He got up and looked at me with surprise evident on his face. I didn’t really care what anyone would think about me, what mattered was me surviving. He charged at me and so did I but just when I was about to knock him out with my hands he slid and knocked me down with his feet and I came tumbling down the ground.

He glared at me as he approached me, I could hear his footsteps but I still lay down on the ground holding my side with my hand. Rue flipped me over to the left and when I looked at the ground Dracah’s fist left a big hole it! My eyes widened at the realization of what would’ve happened to me had his punch succeeded in landing on me. How could he even try something like that with me?!

I angrily flipped myself back up and punched him in the face but I missed, he grabbed me by my waist and threw me to the ground but rue would not submit to him – neither did I. I flipped him over and pinned his wrists to the ground with my hands. 

I could hear the gasps of those watching because I had kept Dracah in that position for a solid minute! If he is unable to get up then I win and that would be humiliating for him.

“ Alright, playtime is over” he growled and flipped me over like I was weightless and then he pinned both my wrists with one of his hands while he raised the other in the air – his claws shining in the sun as he roared at me. I could feel Rue's confidence disappearing and soon she submitted to Dracah and so did I. 

Everyone cheered Dracah’s Victory and for the first time, he smiled at their cheers. 

“ Get off me,” I said angrily when he still kept me pinned to the ground, he smirked and let go of my wrists but he still towered over me and he wouldn’t stop looking directly into my eyes. His hair fell over his shoulders and his eyes became blue as he stared at me. Gradually, my anger subsided and I found myself staring at his body. 

“ What are you doing?” I asked when I saw him leaning closer to me but it was as though he didn’t hear me. I gasped when he kissed my neck and smelled me again. 

" You smell perfect..." I heard him say as he kissed my neck again making me lose every fiber of control I had left in me.

“ D-dracah!” I protested weakly as he bit my skin softly but stopped when he heard my protests. I thought he had come to his senses but the moment our eyes locked, he slid his hands into my hair and kissed my lips roughly. 

I moaned as he slid his tongue in my mouth before tilting my head so he could deepen our kiss. I ran my hands through his hair as I kissed him with as much desire as his lips held but I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more, I wanted him inside me! This was absurd, I've barely held a good conversation with him yet whenever he touched me it's like I've known him forever.

I gasped when I felt his crotch harden against me. I have never experienced that before! I could feel my nipples harden as I unconsciously started to grind myself against his length but someone pulled him from me. 

From where I sat on the ground, we watched each other breathlessly. I didn’t understand any of this, one minute I was mad at him and the next I was making out with him? - a guy that I'd barely spoken to?!

He aggressively freed himself from the grip of commander Fran and pushed some of his hair away from his face as he breathed heavily and stared at me with blazing amber eyes. 

“ holy shit!” someone exclaimed and I looked in the direction of the person, the boy looked amused as he looked at both of us and everyone started whispering. I didn’t know Dracah's eyes could have that color and the fact that I didn’t know what it meant was even more frightening to me. 

I closed my eyes and covered my face with my palms when I saw him advance toward me but he pulled me to my feet and then he held my hand in his and said, “ No one comes near her because –“

“ Dracah wait let me explain –“ I was trying to say but he didn’t listen, he already knew what I was and he was going to tell everyone. They would murder me no doubt- all of them would!

“ – she’s my mate!” he finished and the silence that followed his declaration left all of us surprised. His eyes turn amber when he’s found his mate? 

So... I'm his mate? Oh my God!

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