9; The Experiment


I paced up and down in the large room I was taken to. It was beautiful and warm, just how I liked it but it was boring. This was nothing different from prison because no one can come to see me until the full moon. The only persons allowed to come in here are the aids of the Alpha. 

They came in earlier to give me soap and toiletries for my evening bath. They even gave me clothes and food, it was obvious that I was being treated like a Luna already and I wasn’t happy. I lay on the bed and my mind drifted to my stay in Sigard. I never was happy there either since I was ostracized by my sisters so badly that eighty percent of the population didn’t know that my father had a fifth daughter. 

I remembered how my sisters would make me wear a veil over my face because they said I was too hideous to go around walking with my face killing people. The worst was when they said the ugliest thing about me was my hair, and that it was just as red as the b

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