58; strange celestial activity


We finally did it. Consummated our marriage and sealed the deal as mates. I watched as Luna slept, poor girl, I did wake her up at night for more and she willingly gave herself to me and me to her. 

She was by far the most precious thing to me, all I wished for as I watched her sleep was that she can always be so at peace when she sleeps and she will never have reason to sleep with one eye open like I usually do. I slept a great deal thanks to her.

Although, I was drained of strength after last night, I noticed something strange after we had sex for the first time. Like, a strange celestial activity, I saw it through the window…it looked like some kind of light lit up the sky but there were patches of the sky that looked rainbow colored. 

I wanted to see what that was but I fell asleep. So deep that I only just woke up now 11: 59 am. Luna moved in the sheets, exposing her delicate skin. I was going to kiss her lips when Diane barge

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