59: Into Fresh air


It’s been roughly eight months since Luna and I were ambushed my our own people. They captured me and kept me locked up in a cell so strong that when when I turn on a full moon I can’t even break out. 

Someone has however been coming to see me in my darkest moments - Alana. She keeps telling me not to give up, that Luna will soon be found but as much as I was lonely without her I didn’t want her to be murdered by her own people. 

She told me that an evil spirit has possessed the people and that’s why they are so obsessed with finding a way to kill each other. 

I wasn’t expecting her visit for the next…three weeks maybe but she suddenly showed up this afternoon.

“ Dracah!” she whispered and I listened to her attentively. She usually came in a invisible cloak so no one can see her. 

“ Yes?” I answered in a low voice.

“ There’s something I

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