Chapter 05_Bully Family

Elsa smiled when she looked at the stranger's cloth she was wearing. It was just a black top and it's actually big on her , but she could feel she's beautiful on it and she loved it.

  She entered the kitchen and everything was neatly arranged. "He's sure a neat guy" Elsa smiled.

She opened the fridge and brought out a can of yogurt and a cake,alongside some strawberries. She doesn't know when last she had ate them.

 She placed them on the counter and sat, backing the door. First she gulp down half of yogurt and then the cake, that was when she realized how hungry she was.

"What are you doing?" A voice said behind her and she almost screamed.

It wasn't her saviour... The man without a name, This person. Is dressed in all black...

   Elsa was fast enough to find the kitchen switch. She turned to full light on, and there he stood, Mr stranger.

"You scared me" Elsa said.

  "I'm sorry about that. Why are you still up? Probably missing me and decides to wait?" The man smirked and walked to the fridge where he took out a bottle of beer.

"I wasn't waiting for you" Elsa said.

  She continued eating her snacks, but this time, she was slow. Because Mr. Stranger is here.

"You sure not" Again he smirked. He was pouring himself some wine.

Elsa remained quiet and just stared at him, His well built figure made her crave for him.

  How is he so perfect?" Elsa muttered without knowing.

"Perfect? I'm so perfect" The man laughs.

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about" Elsa removed her gaze from him immediately. Her cheeks were already red.

Gosh! She just can't believe she's drooling for the man she barely knows. Whatever it is she's feeling, she believes it's a good one and she's enjoying it.

  "Tsss!" Mr. Stranger snapped him finger in front of Elsa.

Elsa had been staring at him , blanked out and he had been talking to her but she wasn't responding.

"What. Huh? I'm sorry, I totally blanked out" Elsa said and quickly drank down all the remaining yogurt in her cup..

   "Seems Barbie doll is drooling and doesn't want to say so. Do you want me so badly?"

Elsa bit her lower lips that it almost bleeds. What is he doing to her? Sometimes he's cool, next minutes he's naughty.


"I'm not drooling over you" Elsa said.

"Oh yes you were" 

"I'm not."

"You were".

  "No. I'm not"

"Yes. You were" 

 "Okay fine, whatever. I'll let you believe whatever you feels like believing. Besides I caught you stealing glances at me. Definitely you were drooling".

"I don't deny it like some people. You're beautiful and who wouldn't drool?" He smirked and walked out of the kitchen.

  Elsa smiled as her cheeks flushed red. Oh Damn! 

She put the cup and the remaining snacks away before walking out of the kitchen.

  Elsa wasn't feeling sleepy yet, so she thought I'd be okay if she just go to the living room and watch some movies.

She walked into the sitting room and meet the man sitting down. The television was on but he was engrossed in his phone.

  Elsa walked over to him and sat on the other chair opposite him.

She bit her lips nervously. She doesn't know how to ask him for the remote. But she's going to do that anyways.

"Hey. Can you please pass the remote control?" Elsa said.

The man glanced up and looked at her then smirked. He's always smirking.

"Sure Barbie. Here" He passed the remote and Elsa collected it.

"Thank you" She muttered.

  "Mm" He nodded in response.

Elsa quickly changed the television channel and waited patiently.


  "Gosh, my back hurts" Elsa muttered. 

She just finished the last season of her movie and it was so great that she wished it wasn't ending.

"You should go get some rest now. It's already some minutes to 1" Mr. Stranger told her.

"Yes. But you didn't answer my question" Elsa said.

"What?" he asked.

"Your name. You never told me your name and there's no way I can figure it out myself" Elsa said.

He smirked and yawned.

"I'm sleepy" He muttered.

  "Oh please, Don't push my question away and just tell me already" 

Elsa find herself extremely comfortable with this guy even without knowing him. That was unlike her.

Since after she got raped, she had hated Men and was always scared of them. But she just don't know why the feeling with this stranger seems natural.

  Whatever it is, Elsa hoped she doesn't end up being the one to get hurt.

"I'll. Tomorrow morning" he winked at Elsa and Elsa flushed.

  "Alright. Good Night" Elsa said yawning.

"Good night Barbie Doll"



  "Good Morning" Elsa heard in her sleep. She assumed it's a dream so she led back.

"I know you're awake. Good Morning BD" Elsa heard and she immediately opened her eyes.

There stood Mr stranger, carrying a tray of food and dropping it at her bed.

  "What are you doing?" Elsa couldn't help but ask.

"What? What does it seems like I'm doing?" He asked her.

  "I mean.... What are you doing?" She find herself asking again.

"I'm serving you your breakfast" He smiled.

  "Eat them all and drink lot of water. I'm going to the mall and will be back in some hours. Do you want anything?" He asked.

Elsa shakes her head negatively. "Nah. I'm fine" She replied.

 "Don't miss me too much, Barbie D" He said and grin before walking out.

Barbie Doll


Barbie D.

She won't deny she likes how sweet the name sounds in his mouth but that's not her name. Her name is Elsa! 

  She smiled and watched him walked out shutting the door behind. Elsa stared at the hot served breakfast and her tummy nodded in response.

For once in her life, Elsa felt this is Love. She had yearned to get served in the morning by her boyfriend. But apparently, she doesn't even have a boyfriend. Her ex, the rapist, was one of guys she despise so much.

  He made her go through lot of shits she'd never want to remember. He played with her body, mind and soul. He raped her!!

Elsa sighed. But This man isn't even her boyfriend neither her friend and he's treating her like a queen.

  Elsa blushed. She should enjoy this while it lasts, she should try and be happy. For the mean time.


  Elsa sighed an continued changing channels after channels. She was bored and have nothing to do expect to just watch movies. She had taken a stroll round the house it's amazingly beautiful!

She hissed and dropped the remote. What to do now? She's so bored.

Her phone rang , It was under the pillow so she brought it out. It was Marina calling, for the fifth time.

  Why is she calling? To mock her or sympathize with her? She just couldn't ignore and so she picked up the phone.

"You're so dead if you don't come back home now!"

The line disconnected.

  Oh shit! She had been enjoying all this while and had forgotten the length her father can go.


  Elsa walked into their living room. She was home now, the sadness was there again.

She meet her father, May and Marina having breakfast. Marina was the first to see her, she grinned. A wicked grin.

  "Look who decided to come back" She announced.

Her Dad and stepmom turned to look at her. "Not like it's an important person" She said and Marina laughs.

  "Where are you coming back from Elsa?" her father asked.

"From a friend's house" Elsa snapped.

  "Which friends? Olivia? The rude mouthed she goat? Well, I called her and she said you didn't even drop by, so which friend?" Marina said grinning.

Oh shut up you little brat! Elsa cursed under her breath.

  "I...." May, her step mother cut her shut.

"Can't you speak again Elsa!? Have you gone dumb! So you're now going around sleeping with all the males? Just like you've slept with Freddie and then the next day you're going to come back and cry to us that it was a rape?. You're such a cheap whole and a pathetic lier too!" May unleashed at her.

  Elsa feel so much confident and she didn't hesitate to make use of it.

"While you try to lecture me, Why don't you focus on lecturing your own daughter! It's not like my mother's name is May" Elsa grinned.

 May's face boiled with anger and everyone could see that. Her father remained silent.

"Dudder head!" Elsa cursed at him.

  "If you have nothing else to say, I'd be on my way to my room now" Elsa told her and with that she walked out of the living room and starts making her way to her room.

Freddie is her ex. The one most hated Ex, Why does She have to say about him alot? How's it her fault that she got raped."

  She waved the sad memories away and tried focusing on her Mr. Stranger.

She felt bad she had left without informing him, Not like she had his number.

  Elsa has left a note for him in his sitting room. She sighed, The short moment she had spent with him, to Elsa... Was Completly what she wanted and yearned for.

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