Chapter 10_Bullied

   "Wow , This is so beautiful" Elsa wowed as they watch the fireworks.

"You don't seem to like fireworks, do you?" Elsa asked and stared at Radon who shaked his head negatively.

  "I think it's for kids" He laughs.

"Really? Does that make me a kid now? Since I like fireworks" 

 "Yes. But my kid" He replied and played with her cheeks, Elsa smiled and turned to admire the fire work again.

"I used to watch it with my father when I was little" She muttered sadly and Radon just couldn't keep his gaze from going up and down her body.

He badly wanted her, he want her so bad. 

   "Then what happened? Why did you stop if you like it so much" Radon asked her.

Elsa gave her a sad smile and cuddles her legs. "I never got the chance to continue" She muttered.

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