Chapter 15_That one Voice. Freddie!

Elsa noticed she just couldn't stop thinking about Radon. He's so hot and handsome, Elsa felt she doesn't deserve him. She's not perfect and she's too weak. What if at the end she ends up being the one to get hurt?

  At the thought of getting hurt, Elsa felt paralyzed. She hadn't thought about this when she had sex with him. What if he was just playing her, what if he finds out how weak she is and just wanted to have her?

He has been strange from the first, he stalk up on her. And he keeps a lot of secrets. What business does he do that it has to be a night business? He keeps going out at night.

  Elsa suddenly feel scared, in as much as she was scared, she just don't want to let out the feeling that she's in love with him but she was scared of the last minute. Definitely she'll be the one to get hurt at the end, and she's just going to kill herself if that happens.

Elsa turned off the show

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