Chapter 18_ Michelle is a bully

The drive home was quite a good one. Elsa placed her head on Radon's chest all through the drive. She won't deny the fact that she felt something for Radon.

  She doesn't want to say it's love, but she know she feels something for him. Radon helped her get down from the car and they both walked in. Elsa was walking behind. 

The sitting room door opened and Elsa walked in after Radon.

  "Hey Harden! Hey Michelle". Radon waved at the two person Elsa was staring at. She hadn't seen them around since she knew Radon. The Michelle of a girl was quite beautiful but she was on heavy makeup which Elsa sees, does not suit her.

"Hey Rad!" Michelle smiled and walked to Radon then picked his both cheeks. 

  "How are you , man". Harden greeted.

Elsa just stood there and watched them. It will be so impolite for her to just walk away without introduction or whatev

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