Chapter 48_It's today or never

" What makes you think so?"

" You know it's the truth. You're shy Elsa and you can't tease someone."

" But I flirt with you sometimes." Elsa say as she pout her lips.

" Yeah , when you're horny."

Fuck you Colorado Carter. Elsa hiss and kick him under the table.

He chuckles." Really Cinderella?"

Elsa faint sadness as she clutch her chest.

" You just bruised my ego."

Radon chuckles. He smiles and leans forward.

" Alright , let's do it this way. Go to the bathroom and come back. Pretend like you're my date and we've never met before. I want you to seduce me and flirt with me."

" What! You know that isn't possible."

" Reasons why I can't let you go cause you know that isn't possible."

She bite the inside of her cheek and glare at him.

"God he just called me weak indirectly" Elsa hissed.

It's just a pretend fake date. She's just gonna ignore the fact that this man in front of her is her boyfriend and a ruthless mob boss. Elsa stand on her feet and smirk at him before
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