Chapter 50_I have a surprise for you

Radon pulls her deeper into the corner to avoid being shot. He cup her cheek and smile.

" You can do this , okay? You see the bad guys shoot them, I'll go look for Malcolm.." He smiles and give her back the switchblade she used in stabbing Robert. She still can't believe she seduced that freak.

She nod and look down at the guns in her hand.

" What if I don't recognize the enemy? What if I shoot your men?" She ask and pout.

" Please don't shoot my men." He pout and run his fingers down her cheek.

" I know, I'm just kidding. Be careful out there." Elsa tell him.

" Sure, baby. I'll go first, follow my lead." Radon pecks her cheek and stomp off.

Elsa cock her guns and walk back to the endless gun shots. The tables are already turned as people used them as shields. Elsa hide behind a table and look at Radon. He's shooting back at the Russians like the monster he is. She aim both guns at Russians who rush inside the club as she pull the trigger. Boom! They fall down dead. Perfect
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