Chapter 51_Epilogue

" No way. Radon. This is too much." Elsa and look around. She can't believe he bought her a house.

"I mean it's beautiful and obviously expensive."

He has done a lot and she really can't take it.

" Nothing is too much for you, baby." He kisses her temple and wraps his arms around her waist.

" But Radon this is expensive. A penthouse?"

" If you don't want it , you can just move in with me. You want that?" He asks and turns her around so that she's looking at him.

" No way. You know i can't move in with you."

" Exactly. Reasons I bought you this apartment. You've always wanted space and your own apartment. I had to make that wish come true. You have your own place now."

Elsa smile and wrap her arms around his torso and she hug him. His right hand rub up and down her back as he kisses her temple.

" Thank you so much for everything. I don't really know how to thank you."

Radon chuckles." It's nothing. You deserve all of this. You're mine and I'm yours." He whispers.

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