Aidan's POV

The elevator dings open and I move out of the elevator with my secretary trailing behind him. My phone is glued to my ears and my mouth is moving. I am on a call with a client. 

I am not just the CEO of Salespush Textile Ltd but also one of the youngest billionaires in America. I own chains of businesses all over New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and even in China. I am the only heir to my father who is also a billionaire.

"We will meet next week, Mr. Alexander. I'll ask my secretary to book the appointment." I finalize as I keep walking towards my office.

"Alright, thank you", I utter and disconnect the call, after hearing what the person on the other side said to me. 

It is just 11 am and I have attended two business meetings of the meetings was within the company and the other was outside the company. I am just coming back with my secretary, Chloe whose hand is filled with lots of files. She isn't looking happy because of loads of work to do before the close of the day. 

"Get the work done and bring them to my office as soon as possible, Chloe", I stop walking and instruct her before opening my office door. 

Chloe nods and walks to her own office in the opposite direction.

I heave a sigh of relief as I enter my office. I am damn tired already.

It's been three months since I last had a good time. Loads of work are having a toll on me already. Just the day before, I was feeling feverish. 

When I stroll close to my seat, I slump in it and twirl the chair around after letting go of my coat.

I know this is what it takes to keep maintaining my position as the youngest billionaire in New York and one of the youngest billionaires in America and this is what I will keep doing. I don't want to disappoint my father who thinks I can't maintain this position without his help. 

I am always attending business meetings upon meetings, strategizing new ways to move my business forward, and thinking of new ideas to invest in as well as establishing new companies in different parts of the world. I am already dominating America and China, while India and the Philippines are my next target areas. I have a big dream and I am willing to achieve them all, no matter what it takes and how long it will take me.

The chair stops twirling and I open my laptop to begin work as always. The last time I went to a party with Richard, I knew I won't have time for such again for the rest of the year and the next time I will go to a party might be in a year. My work doesn't give me the time to enjoy or have fun, I am always working, even while at home.

I am going through some files online when I hear a knock on the door.

I look up and say. "Come in."

The door opens and Tessa walks in graciously. The door opens again and Chloe, my secretary, bursts in.

"I told her not to come in, sir", Chloe explains, breathing heavily.

"It's ok. You can go." I tell her. She nods and gives Tessa a cold glare before walking out.

"Hello to you, Aidan", Tessa smiles and walks up to me.

"What are you doing here, Tessa?" I ask with all seriousness. I have a lot to do and her presence will distract me.

"I came to see you, baby boy", she rounds the table and stops right in front of my desk. "How is my baby boy doing?" She touches my mustache. I hit her hand away in annoyance. 

"I thought I told you off last time. And how many times have I told you not to barge into my office the way you like?"

"Well, I knocked before coming in, didn't I?" She flashes me a smile. 

I watch her carefully. Her lips are painted red. She is wearing blue long sleeves with a black skirt that is way too short. I know what she is here for. To seduce me as always.

I have never seen Tessa with a dress above her knee. She is always in dresses that barely cover her thighs and buttocks whenever she bends down.

"Get out," I order.


I gazed at her, wondering why she found my order surprising. This isn't the first time I will ask her out. "I said get out, Tessa. I'm busy."

"I know you are busy. I can wait for you or come back later", her voice is low. This is her trick. She knows how to get me.

"Don't wait. Just go."


"Really. Tessa, please excuse me." I am trying to control my anger. She is becoming unbearable.

"What if I don't want to excuse you?" She folds her arms, looking defiant and ready to dare me to throw her out.

"I'm going to have to call the security if you don't....." I am cut short by her next action. 

She unbuttons her shirt, showing her cleavage. Her boobs are big and she bends down a little to give me a clear view. She brings her tongue out to lick her lips. I find the action arousing.

"You were saying something, Aidan." She jerks me out of my reverie.

"Uhmm, yes. I asked you out." I mumble, trying to compose myself. I can feel my erect bulge already.

"Oh!" She stands upright. "Alright", she picks up her bag which she dumped on the seat opposite me. I didn't notice she came in with the bag. 

"I'll see you around then." She swings her hips as she cat-walk to the door.

The night with that girl at the club three months ago woke up something dead in me. My sexual urges have been back since then and it is stronger now. I find myself having sex with any girl that I can find.

What I do is ask Richard to bring a girl to my suite for a one-night stand and I will dump her the next day but ever since the night with Tessa, she keeps coming back for more. She had made my fantasies of having sex in the office come true.

I am too aroused to think of my ego right now so I call her back. "Wait."

I see the smirk on her face. Her trick has worked. She is gradually becoming a thing around my neck.

'Well, I have nothing to lose. When I am tired of her, I will dump her', I thought loudly.

She turns around slowly. "Did you call me back?"

"Stop being sarcastic and yes, I called you," I growl in irritation.

I stand up and she runs into my arms. 

"I knew it. I know you can't resist me." She becomes giddy in excitement.

I am tempted to push her away to prove to her that I can resist her but I am damn horny, all thanks to her. I have to swallow my pride to get what I want. She is a beautiful woman but I feel nothing for her.

"You are always here when I need you", I say instead and kiss her. She moans loud and quickly unbuttons her shirt. Our lips move in sync and with urgency. She is a wild girl. 

When her clothes are off, I turn her around so she will face the table. I begin to realize my fantasy again with her as our moans fill the room for more than half an hour.

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