Aidan's POV

"I'm going with you, Aidan", Anna pulls my hand as Tristan and I get to the pavement. She kneels, begging me.

"No, Anna. You need to stay here and wait for us to be back", I peck her forehead.

"No, I want to go with you to see my baby", she begins to cry again and I sigh. "I don't want them to kill my baby."


"I want to come with you so I can beg them to let my baby go. Please, Aidan", she sobs.

I turn to face Tristan and he shakes his head.

"I promise we will be back soon", I kiss her lips and release her hand from mine before walking towards the car with Tristan, ignoring her cries. Natalie comes out immediately and helps her back inside with the help of Jodie.

"The presence of Tessa at your accident spot will ease everything, she is a suspect" Tristan informs me as we enter the car. 

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Hauwa Linda Anavberokhai
Damien died a painful death and that's exactly what he deserves.Kudos to Lisa's mother

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