Act 1: Queen's Rook - Chapter 9


I pick up the sunflower with trembling fingers, too terrified to even open the door and see who threw this here. Only my family and Christian knew that these were my favourite, so who the hell was that and what could this mean?

Hearing footfalls on the gravel again, I shove the flower into my handbag and point the Beretta towards the door when it opens.

“Easy, there, it’s only me!” Christian says with wide eyes and his hands up in surrender.

I lower the weapon and put it back in my bag, noting Christian’s pale face and laboured breathing. For a split second, I forgot that he took a hit before he went searching for the assailant. “We need to get you to a hospital!” I exclaim and move closer to him, ripping open his leather jacket.

There’s a lot more blood than I expected.

“I’m fine-”

“You are obviously not fine!” I exclaim, gesturing for a b

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