Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 1


With four men at my side, I enter the hospital to check on Christian. Last night I had made up my mind to allow him to pursue me and give in to his advances to get what I want. I never had to resort to this in ten years, and I used to pride myself on it, but things have changed.

My family is in danger, and at this point, I will do anything to protect them.

The bodyguards were still stationed outside Christian’s room when I approached, but they stopped me as I moved to open the door. “Sorry, orders from Madam Cirillo to not allow anyone inside until she’s come out,” he tells me with the twang of a Russian accent.

I frown but nod at this anyway and walk towards the chairs opposite the room. So Marla is here, then - great. As if I’m in the mood to deal with her arrogance right now, especially after her nephew took a bullet for me.

Half an hour later, the door opens, and she walks out - tall, model-

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