Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 5


Serena looks at me dumbfounded as I told her of my tryst with Christian yesterday. Then she chuckles and crosses her legs. “Damn, sounds like you had a good time. You’re even glowing.” She jests, wriggling her eyebrows at me.

We are currently using Christian’s private jet and on our way to New York.

I slap her knee and feel my face redden. “Hey, I needed that yesterday, and I won’t feel guilty about putting my needs first for a change,” I say, deciding not to tell her that I am not feeling guilty at all.

On the contrary, I feel empowered.

“Hmm, I don’t want you to feel guilty, Sienna. You deserve happiness again, and if that lies with Christian, I want you to know that you have my full support. Ten years is a long time to mourn someone.” She says, then gets up and walks towards the wine decanter.

I look at the woman whom I deemed my sister and smile; her approval means the world to me. But looking at her also makes me miss Sylvana; we haven't been able to track her down at
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