Act 9: King's Gambit - Chapter 3


I knew that getting Sienna back here would cause her to push back, but I didn’t expect her to be this fucking stubborn. The look of disgust in her eyes when she looks at me bothers me a fuck ton, but I can’t force her to love me again.

She’ll see that being here is in her best interest.

I finish up in the shower, dry off and walk across the bedroom to my closet, but I can feel her eyes on me. When I turn my head to face her, she quickly looks away. I can’t help but grin at her reaction because even though we’ve been apart for over twelve years, I still know Sienna.

After throwing on a pair of boxers, I head to the bed, and her eyes widen when she sees me. She sits up in bed with a horrified expression on her face and a trembling hand over her mouth.

“Wh…what happened to you?” she stutters as her eyes take in the long thick, jagged welts all over my torso.

“Speranzini’s favorite toy was a barbed whip,” I say as I get in bed and turn off the light on the nightstand. “Staring at
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