Epilogue: End Game - Chapter 3


“Come back to me, mia regina. I need you,”

I can hear Dante’s voice as if my head is being held underwater, but where I am feels safer, so I don’t try to bridge the surface. It’s warm here; there’s no constant thoughts or overwhelming feelings… there’s nothing. I haven’t felt ‘nothing’ in ages, and right now, I am content.

“I’m so sorry,” Dante’s voice comes again and forces me to pay attention to him. “You saw the scared side of me trying to forget about you through using women. I shouldn’t have fought what I felt for you, I should have been open about everything from the start. This is my fault; yet again, you end up close to death because of me.”

I try to frown, but my face feels stiff; in fact, everything feels stiff right now. Does Dante still love me? That fact alone should make me happy, but I think that I am past feeling anything for anyone. He crushed me when I walked into his office and shattered my heart like those plates I dropped.

Will we ever get past this, thoug
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