Chapter 14


I spent the rest of my weekend here with Aunt Elina. Traces of Valen are nowhere to be found. Maybe he is busy, but then I need to talk to him already and asked him to take me back to the City of Bloom already.

I walk around the living room looking at the pictures of Valen, Aunt Elina, and his dad whom I have not seen nor met yet. Aunt Elina said that he’s out of the country again because of some business. It turns out that Valen’s company belongs to him only. While Aunt Elina and her husband have their own company to support them.

I can’t be more amazed on how intelligent Valen is for him to be able to build his own company at such a young age. Indeed he is the youngest billionaire in our country. Yes, in the country not only in the City of Bloom.

Anyway, my company will also rise like that one day. Though it’s already in the Top 10 of the country’s best companies. Can’t wait to make it to the Top 5 and I won’t be greedy but it’s a dream to make it to the Top 2
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