Six: I Want to See You

We stood side by side as we brushed our teeth. Gabriel had given me a spare toothbrush that he said he had purchased a long time ago. He said he wanted to be prepared for when I was finally able to meet him again. It was a sweet gesture, but the knowing smirk he kept sending me was frustrating.

"What?" I asked, my hand with my toothbrush dropped from my mouth as I spat out a mouthful of foam from the toothpaste.

"Nothing." He glanced at me in the mirror again, his eyes darkening as he looked me up and down. I did the same to him, smirking back when I noticed he was still hard.

"It doesn't seem like nothing."

Gabriel let out a deep chuckle before spitting his toothpaste out and rinsing his mouth. He leaned his hip against the counter when he finished, staring at me as I continued to brush. I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously.

He leaned in, his lips barely touching my ear as he spoke. "I can still smell your desire for me. It is so sweet."

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Sue Brown
this is really uplifting for them to find each other
goodnovel comment avatar
Hannah Wilkinson
I find it drawing me in to read more interesting details so far a good story line
goodnovel comment avatar
Tracy Anderson
I love it.

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