4) Is this a indirect proposal?

As soon as she stepped into the room, he closed the door.

He immediately caged her between his arms and the wall, making her heart skip a beat in fear.

"Except me, every other male should be treated like your brother. Keep that in your mind and behave accordingly. Understand ?"

"Excuse me, you're only my boss so, it doesn't mean that you should involve yourself in my personal affairs. Besides, it's my decision who I-"

Before she could finish, he smashed his lips onto hers then exclaimed, "Do what I tell you to!" His lingering lips soon left hers.

She slapped him on his cheek by mistake when she tried to come out of his hold but she didn't feel bad for that and starts speaking...

"I don't want this job anymore. I will return your money and give you my resignation letter," she said in a cold tone and was about to leave but he pulled her towards his hard chest.

"Honey, that won't happen; even in your dreams. Do you think I'll let you go if you give those back to me? Hahaha. If so, then you must be really stupid. You being my full-time PA, is just a cover-up for me to keep you with me forever.

She looked at him in clear confusion.



"Have we met before ?"


"But, I don't recognise you at all. Why?

When? Where? How, did we meet?"

"Honey, don't stress on it, just relax & think with patience then you'll get your answer."

She released a sigh & tried to calm herself.

"Ok, now go and make me breakfast," he said before she think about anything.

"You are having then why I should cook for you?"

"He is for the others, but as for me, you'll only cook for me and no one else. Now you may leave."

She left banging the door into his


She was cooking when Oliver came and found her in the kitchen.

"Why are you doing this ?"

"So that I'll become good at cooking. It may be useful in the future, right ?"

"Do you need any help?"

"No thank you, just leave me alone, please."


"I'm sorry, don't take it the wrong way, please... "

"No, no. I didn't."

"It's all because of my so-called boss."

"He is my friend and you complaining about him to me don't you think what will happen if I say this to him?"

"You won't"

"That much confidence, then no worries, I won't disappoint you okay bye I'm leaving it's already getting late."


Both passed a smile to each other and he left the kitchen.


[At the dining area]

She served the food on a plate to him.

"Feed me."


"Didn't you hear what I just said ?"

"Why should I. Don't you have a hand or are you a baby, who doesn't know how to eat ?"


"Stop calling me like that."

"Okay sweetie"

"My name is Kristy."

"Ok fine swee, mmm I'm sorry Kristy."

"I think you have amnesia, am I right ?"

"You are too stubborn and likes to order then claim whatever you want...right?"

"Wow great you are intelligent then you must know that I'm having my eyes on you."

"Not me..."

"Then why did you enjoy the kiss I gave you last night I know you enjoyed it when I kissed you on your lips." Her cheeks turned into beetroot colour.

Is she blushing? Yes along with the embarrassment that she got caught red-handed.

"Ha, what are you saying?"

She said while stammering and feeds him the breakfast without letting him speak.


*Knock knock* Felix knocked at the door of where Kristy was...

"Kristy, how long will you take ?"

"Just give me 5 minutes, please boss."

(Ugh this girl )

"Ok, get ready and come quickly. I'm waiting near the gate."

", boss."


(In the car)

She took her seat beside Felix and put her seatbelt on. She looked at him in horror when he hovered over her.

He just rubbed her cheek with his thumb and showed it to her. "Why did you apply this much power?" He interrogated.

"It's because you were in a rush right, so I didn't notice it...hehe"


(In office)

They went inside with Felix holding Kristy by the waist. She kept trying to remove herself from his hold with a forced smile.

"Boss, everyone is looking at us. Please, take your hands off my waist."

"Let them look darling."

All the female workers were boiling in jealousy seeing them so close. Rather, Kristy is too close with their boss.

"Boss, I have reached my cubicle."

"So what, come with me to my office

baby." he said kissing her earlobe.

"Boss, I have a concern."

"What's that?"

"Is this how you treated your past PA ?"

"Are you jealous?"

"In your dreams."

"Then where is that burning smell coming from?"

"It's coming from those girls who couldn't bear to see you with me."

"Oh, I see."

They both giggled and left to his cabin and locked the door. No one was able to see what was happening inside, but insiders will see what was on the outside.


(In his cabin)

"Anyways, why did you call me in here?"

Coming closer to her, she gasped and he replied "Hot...."

"Eh ?"

"Hot coffee, one cup please."


"Do you want anything ?"


(Office kitchen)

From the back, he caged her in; keeping his hands on the slab. She jerked from her place.


"Will you teach me how to prepare it?"

She nodded too engrossed in the situation.

"In a cup, take 1.5 teaspoons of instant coffee and 1.5 tablespoon sugar. After that, add 3 tablespoons of hot boiling water.

He acted as if he was struggling to take it so she made him do it while holding his hands. He smiled, with beads of adoration were evident in his eyes towards her.

Feeling his intense gaze on her, she kept his finger inside the boiling water.


"Mix it." he did as she said, showing his best '32 teeth' smile.

"Enough, now add ⅓ or ½ of foamy milk to the coffee and stir with a spoon."

"Don't ask me how I prepared this if you know already."


"Now stir it."

"Pour the remaining milk and frothy layer in also." He did everything she said and made a heart in it afterwards.

"The hot Coffee is ready. Taste it," he said, holding it near to her mouth.

"Then how will you drink it if I sip on it."

"I want it to be sweet."

"Ok, wait," she said while searching for something.

"What are you searching for ?"

"The sweetener, of course." He slapped his forehead.

"It's ok, leave it. I will drink it as is."

She nodded while he was trying to control his laughter from erupting out of his mouth.

"Ok, call me if you need anything, I'm going," she said and left his cabin ....He burst out into laughter.

"Oh god, she is so innocent. That's why I love this girl so much."

She came out of his cabin and heard a group of girls gossiping about her. Kristy got hurt from hearing what they said.

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