3. Lucky's

Hours later, I make my way out to the field, where my commencement ceremony is about to begin. I grab a gown and cap, and sit with the others from my class. When I'm called up on stage, I grab my certificate, and quickly look out at the crowd. Not expecting anyone to actually be there for me. Just as I'm about to turn, and head back to my seat, I see a man in black standing by the tree. His gaze transfixed on mine. I can't make out any of his features, as his hood is covering his face. I shake my head, thinking I'm probably just seeing things, and make my way back to my chair. The rest of the ceremony I can't shake this weird feeling. As though I'm being watched. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand in alert. 

Once the ceremony is finished, everyone disperses and finds their loved ones. I head back to the auditorium, and hand back my cap and gown. I grab my bag from my locker, and head to work. I've worked at the local gentlemen's club, Lucky's, for a couple of years now. 

I've never minded working there. It wasn't the most glamorous of jobs, but I was treated well. I needed this job so that I could afford my own place. I needed to escape from Craig and Gary, and this was the fastest way to achieve that.

The real reason I began working here, was because of it's ties to the Scorpions. I had heard that the club was a neutral ground for both the Dragons and the Scorpions. I had reasons to believe that Xavier had something to do with the Scorpions. I didn't know in what capacity, or even if it was true. But that didn't keep me from looking for him everyday when I got to work. Just hoping that maybe he would be there. I had hoped, that by working here, he would find me. 

I swing open the back door, and head directly into the fitting room. I set down my bag, placing it in my locker. I grab my uniform from my locker and quickly get changed. I head to the back of the changing area where there are multiple wigs to choose from. I grab my favourite one, adjusting it perfectly before heading out into the club. I need to keep my identity hidden. Not from the scorpions, but from Craig. I don't even want to think of what he would do if he ever found out that I worked here. 

The one bonus of working here, is that my identity is kept hidden. Dan, the manager, makes sure that all of his girls are protected. If we feel we are in danger, we let him, or one of the bouncers know, and the issue is taken care of immediately. When I'm working here, my name is not Lexi or Savannah. Rather I go by Destiny. 

To ensure that no one can identify me, I change my appearance as Destiny to be completely opposite my own. For example, Destiny has long and straight rose gold hair, which contrasts my natural all black hair. 

I head to the bar, to see what area they have me in. As per usual, Dan has me serving the VIP booths. I don't mind working the VIP booths, as they're high tippers. However, they also feel entitled to whatever they want, which tends to be an issue. I'm just a waitress, however they like to think that I'm there to do more than just serve them drinks.

I grab a tray of drinks resting on the bar, and head to my area. I take orders, and serve drinks with no hassle for the next few hours. Just before heading onto my break, I run into Crystal.

"Can you cover my service while I'm on my break?"

"Sure! No problem."

"They should be fine for the most part, just make sure to watch out for the creep at table three. He tends to get handsy."

Crystal nods, then heads back to her area. 

After my break, I run into Crystal before heading back to my section.

"Anything I need to know about?" I ask, before grabbing a tray, and heading back up to my section.

"Everything is fine. A new group just arrived, and I sat them at table five if that's ok?"

"No, that's fine. Thanks." 

I begin to turn, to head to the VIP area.

"Oh! One more thing."

I turn around to look back at Crystal.

"One of the guys at table five were looking for you."

I shrug my shoulders.

"What's new. These drunkards can't wait two seconds for their next round of beer."

"No... not like that... they were more so looking for you..."

"Huh?" I question.

"What did they say?"

"They wanted to know if Destiny was working tonight. When I said yes, they asked me where. I told them that you were just on break but would be their server momentarily."

"Anything else?"

"No.. but they seemed different.."

"Different how?"

"Like they don't typically frequent a strip club, kind of different."

"Ok. Thanks." I reply back to her. Confused by what took place. Why would they be looking for me? 

I shake my mind, realizing that they probably just heard about me somewhere, and focus on going back to work.

I smile, then begin to head back to my section. Before I get a chance to check on my new table, the man from table three stops me, by smacking my ass. I grab his hand, and give it back to him. An annoyed expression spread across my face. 

"Is there something I can help you with?"

"Now that's the question I've been waiting for all night."

I roll my eyes exasperated. The last thing I needed was to have to listen to the advances of yet another creep.

"Is there anything I can get for you?" My eyes scan the men at the table.

"Just you, without that suit on." The creep suggestively remarks once more.

I take a deep breath. 'I'm doing this, so I can get away from Craig and Gary.' I begin to repeat to myself in my head.

Just as I'm about to turn to head to another table, the creep stands up, and cups my breast. I immediately smack him off, then step away from him. I need to find Dan. He will get this guy kicked out.

Without warning, the creep wraps his arms around me. His one hand snaking around my waist leading to my core. The other wrapped tight around my chest. His hands slide around my core. I try to elbow him off of me, but nothing works. Suddenly, I hear movement behind me. From the corner of my eye, I see something whip close next to me. The creep looses his hold over me. I wiggle from his embrace, and spin around to see what's happened. There is a man towering over the creep. He's holding the creep by the collar of his shirt, and is pounding away at him. I quickly run to one of the bouncers at the entrance to the VIP lounge. I grab him, and motion to the fight upstairs. I hear him say something into his headset, then he runs in the direction of the commotion. 

The bouncer pulls the creep away from the man punching him. Within moments, several other bouncers, including Dan have gathered around us. The man takes a step back, analyzing his knuckles. Three other men from the table have joined, to stand behind him. Almost daring someone to move. 

"What's going on?" Dan yells out.

"That man over there just attacked me for no reason!" The creep motions to the other man.

"He was assaulting the girl." The man says coldly.

There's something about him. He looks and sounds familiar, but there's nothing coming to mind, as to why. I don't think I've seen this man before. But why do I feel safe around him?

I shake my head, ridding the thoughts from my mind, and focus on the scene before me.

"Is that true Destiny?" Dan says, carefully assessing the situation.

Instead of responding, I continue to stare at the men in front of me. There's just something about them that just seems so familiar.

Before I get a chance to say anything, one of the men step forward.

"We're sorry for the disruption to your service. Perhaps we can work something out?" The man takes out his wallet, and flashes him a black card. A smile crosses Dan's face, and he nods in approval.

"Certainly, let's discuss this further." Dan motions for the man to follow him.

The creep smirks, and watches Dan and the bouncers turn to leave. Just as they're leaving the VIP area, the creep steps closer to me. His mouth getting closer to my face. I can feel his breath against my cheek as he begins to whisper to me.

"Now that the distraction is gone, I can have you to myself."

I spin around, to see the creep about to wrap his arms around me. Before he has a chance, the assailant from earlier is on top of him. Pounding him into the ground. Blood begins to pool around his face. I scream out, hoping for it to stop.

Dan and the bouncers quickly run back. One of the assailant's friends is pulling him off of the creep. He looks up towards me, bloodlust filling his eyes. He wants this man dead. But I don't understand why. It's been a long time since someone has defended me. I don't even know this man. Why would he be doing all of this for me?

Without hesitating, the man walks swiftly up behind me, and pulls me closer to him. He immediately removes his jacket, and places it around me, covering me from any onlooking eyes. Without saying a word, or giving me a chance to reply, he grabs me, pulling me out of the club. Dan my manager approaches quickly, stopping the assailant from leaving with me.

"Where do you think you're going with my girl?"

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