154. Pacing

...Xavier POV...

I've paced the hallway of the hospital so much, that I wouldn't be surprised if I feel through to the floor below. 

"Xav! We just heard! What happened?"

I turn around to see Jax and Elena running towards me, stopping me in my tracks. 

"Both Lexi and Sienna have been shot." I say defeatedly.

"What? How?" Jax asks.

I don't even know where to begin. What exactly happened? This entire month has been an absolute nightmare. Each time I think we're getting ahead, something like this happens. Proving to me again and again how fragile life is. 

"Craig had snipers in the area..." I begin, only to cut myself off.

To my relief, Jax doesn't attempt to interrupt me or ask questions. Rather he lets me get it out at my own pace.

"They.. they were so happy. I could see them jumping up in victory." I say with a sad voice.

I try my best to prevent the tears from escaping as I continue to explain what

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