156. Anguish

...Sienna POV...

It's been close to two months since that horrible night. It was an absolute blood bath. We all thought that Ryker wouldn't stand a chance, considering his condition when we managed to find him. However, it seems as though we all have our parents fighting genes. Cause that's exactly what he is, a fighter. Even the doctors were amazed that he survived. 

Ryker was placed in a medically induced coma, once they were able to stable him. He had to undergo several blood transfusions. His body took a very bad beating. We still have no idea if he'll ever be the same again. His heart wasn't able to function properly due to the extreme blood loss. The doctors fear that he may have some life altering conditions, if he does manage to wake up. 

Chloe, or Dr Lawson had managed to stabilize me after I was shot. She was busy tending to Ryker at the time, but once Lexi and I took fire, she had one of Xavier's men look after Ryker, as she came for us. She

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