162. Fired

With Ryker in England, that meant that Xavier no longer had a second in command. A role which needed to be filled as soon as possible, however not just anyone would be eligible for the role. Which is why I talked to Xavier about it.

"I know who we should make your second in command." I say as I sit on his lap in his office. 

Ever since I've been released from the hospital, Xavier has all his things from the office transferred to the house. He does everything remotely, as he doesn't want to leave my side. He spends nearly every second of the day with me. At first, I thought it would be overwhelming, or that he would grow tired of me. However, from the amount of time we have missed being together, I couldn't think of any better way to make up for the lost time. Admittedly, he doesn't always get work done, however, I try to help him, to make up for our extracurricular activities.

Xavier turns my head, to place a kiss on my forehead. 

"I know as wel

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