Chapter 57


Here i was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for Penelope’s friend of maybe a for. I had no idea what to think or maybe I do, after all she did tell me that she hates Penelope. I sighed as I rubbed the nape of my neck, taking a sip of the expresso I had ordered.

Images of what happened earlier in the day flashed through my mind. I could only hope I haven’t fucked up everything entirely with Lola.

I looked up to see someone walking towards me, I cocked my eyebrows up on seeing who it was. I didn’t understand why she was dressed so weirdly. She has a black face cap on, a black jean and top, pairing it with a black jacket and black sunglasses.

I furrowed my eyebrows as she got to my side. Looking left and right before sitting down opposite me.

“What’s going on? Why are you dressed like some spy and looking around so cautiously and nervously?” I asked as she removed her sunglasses and cap.

"What? Please tell me you know who I am?” She asked, rakin
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What’s up with the short chapters? ...

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