When Sumire regain consciousness, she found herself in a golden scandalously ostentatious traditional bed made for royals with a crimson bedsheet opposite to a kingly chair, making her look like a temptress ready to get devoured for pleasure. Her hands were both cuffed on both sides of the bed.

Sumire's dark feline eyes radiated a fierce, darted on the man behind the curtain, and gave him a hostile glare. Her face was just relaxed but her intimidating manner began to show up.

"Don't give me that sultry eyes, I might accept your invitation and take you right here."

A tattooed man appeared to her sight and approached her bed, with both palms rested inside his pocket, and smiled wickedly. His eyes peruse her body, scanning each of her curves.

"That seductive eyes of yours are worth a million, don't you know? Especially those lowest scums who are willing to spend half of their fortune just to satisfy their sadistic side."

He continued as his finger teasingly ran from her eyes down to her cheeks and exposed neck, he smirked. Sumire can now see his visage clearly, from the elegant and opulent room filled with priceless art and antiques, she now confirms this man was no ordinary person. 'This man certainly the Mafia boss.' Sumire scoffs.

"Who are you?"

Sumire asked as she gave him a menacing look, eyeing him from head to toe. Eyes narrowed, she got a vertical wrinkle between her eyebrows. Her lips pursed slightly.

"Are you the boss of those worthless scumbags?" She flashes a loathsome grin. The man squat and brings his face close to her and raised her chin, but Sumire's face remain cold and stoic.

"You don't need to know the man who's going to sell you to the black market."

The man chuckled psychotically and release her chin, turn around and start strolling around the place. Sumire moves in the bed, trying to free herself from the kinky handcuffs but it was no use.

"That's not gonna happen."

She said with a scowl and sneered with disgust. Her eyes peruse the place hoping to find something that can help free her. The man turn to face her again and slowly approached, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, darling, trust me it will happen. Your beauty is worth bidding on. First, I will bring you to the auction house, you're an exquisite good out of all the items. Sure, you'll bring me a big fortune, honey. If the highest bidder is getting tired of you, they will return you to me. By then, I will sold you on the black market. Do you want to know what fate awaited for you there?"

The mafia trails his word and looks at her expression now twitching in anger. Sumire gritted her teeth but later her face remain cold while her eyes smoldered, piercing the man a hundred daggers.

"Not interested."

She coldly replied. The man chuckled and seated next to her while curling a few strands of her hair with his hand and sniffing it like an addict.

"That place is a home of maniacal people. You'll be tossed around with any men like a toy and used your body however they like and want. If they lost their interest on you, you will be fed to the wild dogs and the remains of existence will gone in trace."

The man added and laugh like a madman. Sumire squinted her lips into a thin line while her eyes were filled with rage. She hatefully glared at the man.

"You'll gonna have to step over my corpse first before what you say happens."

Sumire boldly bring her face closer to the man and said emphatically. By then, a familiar person barged into the room. Sumire angling her head on the right side and gave the person a crude insulting look.

"No. It all happens before you die. You'll have to suffer in pain first before I will let you rot in hell."

Lukas said in a loath tone. There was a black circle beneath his eyes. He looks damn wasted and depressed like he's been in hell after a week.

"Ha! Aren't you the talk show host who was fired weeks ago? If I am not mistaken, you're the brother of the original cast in the movie but the writer gave me the role when they found out that my project was over. Poor little thing."

Sumire mockingly said. The talk show host was now overwhelmed in rage. He stared brazenly into her eyes. It seems like he was in a disadvantageous position when he saw Sumire wasn't afraid at all. There wasn't fear can be seen in her eyes.

"Dude, If you have a problem with me, write it on a piece of paper, fold it and stick it up your ass."

She added making Lukas infuriated with her sharp tongue. His eyes filled with pure spite.

"Save your word for later, let's start."

Lukas flicked his finger and the two goons entered the room and approached to her bed. One of them quickly injected her with a strong dose of a strange drug. It runs fast through her veins that she was slightly dazed.

"You wanna guess what I am about to do to you?"

Lukas evilly smirk when he saw the drug have slowly taken effect on her. But Sumire was still in the right state of mind, she manage to give him a degrading smile, making feel him like a failure.

"I don't need to. How pathetic, you stooped down into a mere beast that you don't feel any more shame. Only a loser can do such misdeeds."

Sumire said and give him a pitiful look. Lukas smiled with a nefarious idea playing on his mind and continued.

"They were going to violate your body and later you willingly submit yourself to them when the drug has finally taken over your body. It will appear consensual, I can assure you. By then, I will record everything and post it online. I'm sure people love to see you naked and in pleasure."

The two goons recklessly tore off her long evening gown revealing half of her fair legs while Lukas placed his recording camera at a good angle and turn it open. The goon placed himself between her tighs and was about to pull her panty out when suddenly another goon barge in the room and interrupted them.

"He has arrived."

The goon bowed and said. The Mafia boss who was sitting and watching them, motioned to his men to stop molesting her and continued it later as the Big Boss arrived in their place. They need to be in His presence.

"Why did you make them stop?"

Lukas protested. By then, all the hooligan members of the organized gang went inside to welcome their Big Boss. Lukas stands next to the Mafia boss.

"What if your Big Boss saw and recognize her?"

Lukas anxiously asked. When that happens, all his effort of seeking revenge will be wasted. And he won't let that happen.

"Don't worry, you'll have your taste of revenge later. The Big Boss had no interest in any women. He is here for pure business, nothing else. Even if you throw him a bunch of naked women, he will not take interest in any of them."

The Mafia boss said assuredly and glance at the maiden who was now start twitching and eyes were tightly closed.

By then, the massive door of the room opened and there appeared an incredibly striking tall well-built man oozing an aura of unreality and mystery that anyone in the room bowed altogether in submission. The feared Mafia Lord of all, known for his appalling carnage and desire for bloodshed who annihilated his enemy from the surface in just one flick of his finger. Few strands of his hair slightly cover his pair of enigmatic foxy green eyes that glowed in pure evil. The Big Boss was wearing a massive black trench coat with his raven business suit underneath that hugged his broad chest, raw body physique. The man was built bigger than anyone else in the room, he possesses a leonine power. His presence screams power and danger. He stood aloof there, dark and extremely intimidating that radiates beastliness.

He walks inside towards the kingly chair with big strides and his presence strikes fear in anyone in the room and put them into their rightful places. The Mafia Boss's hooligans make way for their Big Boss and his men went inside while heads remained bowed.

Their Big Boss is seated opposite the bed where Sumire was laying weak and defenseless, looking so hot and sexy in her ruined clothes. He didn't notice her presence in the room as Sumire was now unmoved and silent, quietly dealing the drug that had slowly taken over her sanity.

The Mafia Boss approached the Big Boss's throne and bowed to him.

"Do you withdraw your men in the Port?"

A deep and husky voice that sounds coming from the underworld echoed in the silent room. They could hear their own heartbeat pulsating hard. Their eyes remain on the floor as they cannot meet their Big Boss's eyes.

"I did, Boss. The moment I heard you will use the Port, I call my men right away to fall back."

The Mafia Boss said while the head was lowered in respect. Nothing can be heard in the place except from the two of them. The hooligans were afraid to make a sound that might interrupt the Big Boss who brings nothing but death.

"What else?"

The mysterious green-eyed man asked again. His face tilted and rested on his palms as he coldly look at the lowly Mafia Boss.

"I will deliver the guns and ammo but I will be escorted by your men, in exchange, you will give me a few of your weapons."

The Big Boss stared at him intently and fell into a strange silence. The Mafia boss feels nervous on his feet thinking if he made a mistake. He could feel his Big Boss's death glare towards him. He wants to look up and apologize but later decided not to.

The mysterious green-eyed man was about to speak up when a sexy moan broke the silence of the room.


His gaze went directly to the bed opposite him. This is the very first time, someone caught his attention. His cold stare fixed on the woman's visage, eyes were tightly closed, and lips sexily parted, who was now making unnecessary movements but the handcuff on both wrists chained her to the bed.

At that very moment, the dangerous man in the room recognize her as the famous actress in the entertainment industry where he invested in. He frowned.

'I don't give a damn care about this woman, but 75% of that company's fortune I invested came from her....' the green-eyed man thought.

"How much is she?"

The man whose eyes were knitted into a frown asked the Mafia Lord without taking his eyes off the woman who was making sexy sounds as her breathe became hot and ragged.

The Mafia Boss was stunned for a second. But a mischievous smile curved into his lips right away. The first thing that comes to his mind is a bundle of millions of money.

"10 billion."

The sly man flashes a foxy smile. This lady truly brings fortune.

"Then, she's MINE."

The man's foxy green eyes glowed in the room as he stood up and approach the maiden in the bed. He stared deeply into her, eyes perusing her curves while the lady is twitching from side to side. The hunk man easily tore the remaining clothes completely, revealing a full view of her legs in his sight. She's burning in red and in heat. He destroyed the handcuffs in one snap without putting effort and scoop her out on the bed. He carry her like a fragile thing and the maiden snuggled against his chest, sniffing his manly scent, while her eyes were tightly closed.

The Big Boss traverses out in the room with a beauty rested on his arms along with his men, tailing him. The Mafia Boss's men remain their heads bowed, afraid to meet the Big Boss's piercing green eyes.

"Wait-wait-wait, hold on a minute. Why did you let him have her? I am not finished with her yet!"

Lukas would have approached the man who saves the maiden but was quickly blocked by the horde of hooligans. The Mafia Boss approaches him and flashes a vile smile again.

"Haven't you heard the price? Can you surpass the 10 billion?"

The Mafia Boss laughs out loud along with his men when Lukas fell into silence, brow furrowed as his mouth turned grim. The Mafia Boss and his men leave him in the room, alone. Defeated for the second time, Lukas was consumed in anger and his desire for revenge intensified.

"Fucking Mafias!"


In the Big Boss' Rolls-Royce Phantom car, the world's most luxurious and expensive car. The car possesses lavish interiors and all the latest safety and technology features. Driving on the long coastal road in the middle of the night. Her midnight eyes were simply fascinating and bewitching. They come across as bold and sensual at the same time. Under the dim light inside, a pair of glowing emerald eyes darted at her.


Sumire uttered in guttural sound. The coldness of the air conditioning inside the car didn't ease the heat she was feeling, instead, it was getting intensified.

"I feel so hot..."

Sumire started twitching in the backseat next to the man. She started to touch herself, from her exposed neck down to her thighs. Orbs of sweats started to form on her forehead running down on her busty peak. Her head started to get spinning wild and her breath became even more ragged. Her vision started to get blurry.

"Stop the car."

The man's personal chauffeur quickly stopped and park the car in the shrub-like plants near the shoreline where no cars passed the road. The chauffeur knows what is about to happen and never attempted to look at his boss and the woman beside him who's sexily moaning. The aphrodisiac drug has successfully taken over her body and his boss has to do something about it.


His boss commands in a dangerous tone that it was meant for the driver. The mysterious green-eyed man loosened his necktie, for the first time, he was feeling hot seeing the maiden in a disheveled appearance.

"And start walking."

The chauffeur quickly gets out and starts walking in the middle of the street without turning back. Sumire staggered and hold onto the car's door and would have followed the chauffeur, believing the man who save her would dump her in the middle of the night street. The dizziness gets more intense and she struggles to move.

"You're not going anywhere, woman."

Sumire would have been about to open the car door to get out with her disheveled dress on when the man quickly pulled her back inside and slam the door shut and made her sit on his lap. Sumire couldn't help herself anymore as her sanity was now drowned in the lust. She gives in to her desire to kiss the man.

Her nose started to nuzzle his cheek down to his lips. Her lips lustfully nibbled and kissed his neck, leaving teeth marks in there. She gets rid of his trench coat, throws his necktie in the backseat, and unbuttons his black business suit revealing his masculine broad chest to her sight. Sumire felt awe at first at his robust physique but her hands started caressing and teasingly tracing his chest and traveling down to his belt.

"Don't wake my feral beast sleeping inside, lady or you'll be in big....big trouble."

The man uttered in a guttural farrago of beastly sounds. But the maiden was determined to follow what her body wanted, unafraid of the impending danger waiting for her. Sumire cupping his face, wanting for more, without a word, she sealed his lips with a hot and passionate kiss. And pulled him against her, thinking that she'd never get him close enough.

"I want more...and more..."

Sumire uttered in a sexy tone and deepened the kiss. The man was stunned at first but later responded to her kiss with the same intensity. Seeing her breathlessly inviting, the man goes wild. His left hand started to crawl inside her dark-green evening dress and tore it ruthlessly, exposing her black brassiere that covers her perfect bust size while the right hand crawled and possessively pulled her neck with a beastly kiss and win her over by dominance.

Their tongues teasing, intertwined, and fighting inside, tasting each other. She felt ecstatic with his mind-blowing kisses. His lips run down to her bare neck where her emerald necklace matches his glowing icy green eyes. Sucking and biting her like a mad beast, leaving bite marks on her neck. Sumire let out a long sexy moan.

"Fuck! I want you."

The man rough grunted. His dark emerald eyes penetrated her soul as he pressed his warm lips against hers, wanting for more. She shivered. His sex was bulging hard as a stone, and he was tormented with desire.

Sumire grinding her body on top of him and her undergarment soaking in wet teasingly brushing against his bulging shaft inside his pants. Skin to skin, lips to lips, Sumire scratches the mysterious man's back that her nails dig deeper into his flesh. The heat started to cloud inside the car and condense in the window shield leaving her handprint visible, slowly running down.

"You're killing me, woman."

"Take me."

Sumire panting, begging in a hoarse voice. Her eyes burning in lust, desire to take her fully in. He unfastened his pants, revealing the black boxer where his arose, long and thick pulsing shaft teasingly brush against her wet womanhood. It was standing proud and strong and ready to penetrate her. He rose up to meet her hot, burning need.

Just before he could plunge his mad buddy inside her, slid all the way down deep into that maddening clutch, that heat. The maiden suddenly pass out and fell to his naked chest, sleeping soundly.


He was stunned and feeling unsatisfied. His buddy standing so big and hard ready for that steamy battle. He looked at the maiden sleeping beautifully on his chest, not minding the danger around her.

The big hunk man hugged the maiden to make her feel warm against the coldness of the car. Her chest against his naked chest and her face buried in his neck. He gently put the trench coat on them. They stay in that position for a long minute. He let the woman snuggle and sleep in his warm embrace. He opens the car window and lets the ocean breeze come in. He takes a cigarette and smokes while eyeing the magnificent setting of the moon on the western horizon. The man let out a sultry groan.

"Great. I'm still fucking hard."

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